Monday, October 5, 2009

Christopher's Birthday

Last week, I promised to post about Christopher's birthday celebration the next day. I must have forgotten that Proverbs 27:1 says, "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth." (NKJV) How true that is! We ended up having a very eventful weekend!

The above picture shows Chris making himself Haystacks on his birthday! These are a favorite treat at our house, and Chris made them all by himself (with just a little coaching from Hannah!).

Thursday evening, we had his birthday dinner and let him go ahead and open his gifts, even though Alan couldn't be there. Chris chose "breakfast for supper" as his special meal; so, I made pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. The timing for that was perfect, as Alan doesn't like breakfast for supper, so we only have that when he is out of town or has a late meeting.

Then Chris unwrapped his presents:

He was thrilled with all of his gifts, but on Saturday, he received another "surprise," which involved something being Wrapped, instead of Unwrapped . . . .

It was probably pass interference, but Luke pushed Chris to keep him from catching a pass, and Chris, who was off balance, fell, landing on his left elbow, bringing the backyard football game to a screeching halt. As the weekend progressed, it became increasingly clear that his arm was broken. I immobolized it with a sling I had on hand, and then took him to see the pediatrician on call during their special Sunday morning hours. The pediatrician called an Orthopedic doctor, who saw Chris at 8 am Monday morning, and after viewing the x-ray, declared it the worst elbow break he has ever seen in a kid!!! :o He scheduled Christopher for immediate surgery. There was a bit of delay, since he had eaten breakfast that morning, but Chris was in surgery by 1 pm!

Fortunately, the doctor was able to fix it with the less invasive of the two procedures he explained to us, so Chris now has a couple screws in his "robot arm," and a new Star Wars Wii game for his Heroism and Bravery! :)

Chris, who has always been our Extremely Cautious son, said he won't be playing football again until he is 60!! His rationale is that by that time he will be too old for anyone to want to tackle him! :)


Julie said...

Ouch! Bless his poor heart :0(
What a memorable birthday this will be! Praying for fast healing.

Neide Colson said...

Poor Chris! Funny guy! Eventful birthday! Fun family! Love ya!

Noel said...

Oh No! Poor guy! It looks like he had a great birthday though, my kids love haystacks too :)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Such DRAMA at your house....and we thought we have drama at our house!! :)

Sounds like Chris packed a lot into his birthday weekend!! Makes for great memories day he will laugh as he re-tells the stories. I hope he is feeling better, and that he has a quick and easy recovery!

The haystacks looked yummie...and the pancakes! I too enjoy "breakfast" for dinner....of course we grew up with that at times, so it doesn't seem all that favorite was biscuits and gravy...:)

Neide Colson said...

Hey Rebecca and Elizabeth,

I totally agree with you on "breakfast for supper". And... my all-time favorite breakfast food is biscuits and gravy made by Mom (Pat Malcolm).

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

I am completely exhausted just reading of your weekend and Monday! Of course, I was already exhausted, LOL

What precious family time, though.

BTW, make sure you sign up for the 'party'. I know you are probably not interested in the give-away, but it will be an opportunity for other women to check you out. You have much good to say, wisdom and experience. So link up, you can even use your intro from the party in Feb.

Love ya!

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