Friday, October 2, 2009


Friday again!!! Three cheers for Friday!!!

Of course, we all love Friday, because it means the end of the school and work week. But, I thought I'd share some other highlights of the day.

Friday started with another early morning pep rally! (Thanks to "The Committee" for the pom poms! They certainly added to the authenticity and the fun!!!)

Then, Alan made a round trip to LaGrange to pick up Big T for the weekend!! That means I spent my afternoon stocking up the pantry and fridge!! :)

That evening was the football game. The above picture shows the spirit chain created by the Elementary students, while the bottom picture shows the football team right after they ran through it and out onto the field. Homecoming brought a larger crowd and a higher level of excitement and enthusiasm!

Unfortunately, it quickly grew too dark for me to take any decent pictures of the action on the field, so I had to resort to photographing other things! Here are two of the enthusiastic fans!

Well, one of the fans isn't overly enthusiastic about football, so she pulled out a book!

This is the beautiful view to the west.

And the beautiful view to the east!!

Celebrating a good day!


Rebecca's Refining said...

I think we need Alan's cheering at our house as the girls lost their volleyball games. I bet he brings new excitement to fridays....both at home and at the games! Burlin and I tried to take in the local school football game again friday night, but we had to leave early as Anna locked her keys in the car...(sound familiar?) :)
Tiffany looked deep in thought reading her book!
Have a great visit with Taylor this weekend!!

Noel said...

Oh wow, that was a good view! We love football and have thought about getting our boys involved as they grow older. As a homeschooling family, how did you find a way to have your boys play football??

The cheerleader picture was funny :)

Julie said...

Wow! You have made my day with your comments on my blog! I"ve really been enjoying your play on words...I've been smiling all morning :-)

First let me tell you I love these pictures. I esp love the one of your bookworm :-) I used to read when my hubby (then boyfriend) would play in softball tournaments.

I've been shopping at the Goodwill in Berea on Sulpher Springs Rd and the one just off of White Horse Rd near Walmart. I found the Ark at the one on Augusta Rd. Who knew Greenville had so many Goodwill stores?

I can't wait to show the pics of my kitchen but I want it all finished before I do and when you are decorating on a very frugal budget it can take a while.

Neide Colson said...

I love Alan`s enthusiasm! From the pictures I can see also that your house is filled with "energy" all day long, and that includes ALL the family members, not only the little ones.

busymomof10 said...


Some larger cities have competitive sports leagues for homeschooled youth; however, in our area the only way for our boys to play sports was to enroll in school. That is why our 3 oldest boys went to Sherwood Christian Academy. It was a compromise we made in order to allow them the opportunity to play sports. While there have been pros and cons to the decision, they have really enjoyed the opportunities they have had.

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