Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Unexpected Blessing

When I first discovered the world of blogging, I was immediately intrigued and wondered what it would be like to have a blog of my own. Even though I knew I would enjoy it, because I've always loved writing, I never knew how much fun blogging would be! A lot of the fun comes from receiving feedback on what you've written, and from "meeting" so many Precious women in the blogosphere. I had no clue as to the existence of the whole blogging community and all of the sweet fellowship with like-minded women that was available.

I've also experienced another unexpected blessing from blogging. Surprisingly, it has strengthened my relationship with my sister, who lives about 770 miles away. After launching my blog, I hounded encouraged her to start one, too. Now we enjoy keeping up with each other's daily lives through our blogs. Not only that, but now that we both have Gmail accounts, we try to be online at the same time once every day or two, so that we can enjoy staying in touch via Gmail chats. Blogging has truly helped us span the miles and build a closer relationship, making up for the years we wasted in stupid sibling squabbles.

This is not the best picture of us, but it was all I could find! We both have daughters who are into photography, so we need to commission one of them to take a picture of us the next time we are together!

Today is my sister's birthday! An astute observer might notice that we were both born on the 27th! My day is September 27th, and hers is October 27th. That means it is time to celebrate!!

First, I want to celebrate the woman my sister has become! Rebecca is an awesome person -- caring, compassionate, creative, and an incredible cook! (I think we should all meet at her house for dinner!!!) :) She Loves the Lord and her Family and works diligently in her home! She has grown so much in the Lord and allowed him to refine her into a priceless Proverbs 31 woman!

Now, I want to celebrate by encouraging all of my readers to pay Rebecca a visit and leave a comment or two on her blog. She has a wonderful blog where she shares about her family and her walk with the Lord, while serenading you with beautiful music. I'm sure you will enjoy stopping by her peaceful little home on the web. These are some of my favorite posts she has written -- here, here, here., and here. Be sure to check them out! While you're there, why not wish her a Happy Birthday! :)


Rebecca's Refining said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments...though I think you were too generous! :) Thanks for making my birthday so special! YOU are the one I "look up to" as an example of godliness...I fail way too often!
I regret all our "wasted" years, and I am so glad we can have a close relationship now....maybe one day we will be able to be closer in miles as well. However, when we get together...."dramatic" events seem to happen!! :)
I thank God you are my sister ... and that you are older!! You help "pave the way" for me...I can both learn from your mistakes, and glean from your wisdom!! You have so much to share, and you are great at encouraging others ... blogging is a great ministry and outlet for you. I am so glad on my "special day" that I have such a special sister to share it with!!

Neide Colson said...

Great post! I enjoyed "reminiscing", myself. I remember when I lived in SC with your family. I remember how you were, how Rebecca was and how I was. Great group of "children" we made back then. I remember Rebecca's "yellow" room, your "blue" room and my spacious room. God really blessed me by placing me in your home. And now, I praise God for knowing you, your families and I enjoy seeing what God has done in all of our lives! PTL!

kristilea said...

I'm so glad that blogging has been such a blessing for you! I'm also happy to hear that you and your sister are making an effort to stay close as the years go by. My brother is 7 years younger than I am and by the time we started to get along, we found ourselves living across the country from eachother. I pray we can find good communication in the near future. Our birthday's are both on the 9th. Makes it easy to remember doesn't it?! Mine is in February and his is in November. He'll be 21 in just a couple weeks!

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