Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday -- 10 Diet Dos and Don’ts

A day late and a dollar short!

That cliche really sums up this post!

In a perfect world, Weight Loss Wednesday would always be posted on a WEDNESDAY --- but, my Wednesday never seemed to yield time for a blog post! So, this is the Thursday morning version of WLW! :)

Likewise, in a perfect world, I would always post a loss of at least two pounds per week! (Actually, I guess I would not even be overweight in a perfect world!!!) In reality, I have lost 0 pounds this week. :( I really thought I would post a loss this week -- so I'm rather discouraged. Nevertheless, I plod along.

I am continuing to exercise daily, hoping I will soon turn the corner, and I plan to post about that next week. For now, I encourage you to read this article by Jorg Cruise on the Top Ten Diet Do's and Don'ts.

Jorge’s Top 10 Diet Dos and Don’ts


kristilea said...

I'm with you, I thought I would reach my one pound this week, and it is rather discouraging. Keep your chin up and your eye on the "prize". It's so easy to give up when discouraged. That's why I've always gained back what I've lost. I've made a commitment to myself and to the Lord to stay possitive this time and keep looking forward to my goal no matter what happend that week. That's really going to nessesary as Thanksgiving aproaches!!! I can't pass up on the rolls, and pumkin pie!!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I know it gets discouraging...but don't can do it!! I know you can! :) You are so much more faithful than I when it comes to exercising....and eating healthy! And, you have that beautiful fall weather there to take lots of walks outdoors - I would love to walk with you if we could! Just take the phone along and we can chat!
I was just thinking, isn't it great that God emphasis the condition of our "inner body" (heart), and not the outer?! Don't forget to keep it all in baance and perspective! I love you!

Happy Busy Mama said...

Well, I would have been a day late to, so I appreciate the grace period. :-) Over the last 8 weeks, I had lost 6 pounds, gained back 5, but now lost 2 pounds last week. So that is a total loss of three. ;-) I'll take it. I still believe that STRESS is a huge factor both in eating habits, but also in the way we metabolize. I am learning that I need a good solid plan B. My plan A usually produces slow, steady weight loss, but I don't have a good workable plan for the hectic or unexpected chaos days.

Jules said...

Well, no loss is better than a gain. A gain always makes me feel miserable for the rest of the day; a loss, naturally, makes me feel so much more attractive; and a no-loss makes me contemplate my blessings (the first which is usually that I didn't gain!).

Hang in there. And as a very wise, very beautiful woman told me recently, look up!

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