Monday, October 12, 2009

When Procrastination Paid Off!

We had a busy weekend, and weren't planning to make the trek to LaGrange on Sunday for Taylor's game. That is, until early Sunday morning when we learned that our daughter, Ashlyn, was planning to drive down from Greenville to see Taylor and watch him play. As soon as I learned that, I knew in my heart that if Ashlyn were going to be a little over 2 hours away, I was going to jump through hurdles to be there, too! So, we made a last minute change of plans, sending the family off to church without us, while Alan, Bethany and I jumped in the Suburban and headed to LaGrange.

Ashlyn just had her 22nd birthday on October 8th, and I had been waiting for Tiffany to put the finishing touches on Ashlyn's gift, so I could put all of her birthday presents in the mail. This is one time when procrastinating paid off, because I got to see Ashlyn and give her her birthday presents in person!! :) What an unexpected blessing!!

One of her gifts was a long-sleeved LaGrange T-shirt, but, unfortunately, it was too hot for her to wear it to this game. At least, she will be well-dressed the next time she comes to cheer for her "little" brother!

When we got to the game, we discovered that we weren't the only ones who came to cheer for Big T. We were definitely surprised to see Coach Rock with his wife and daughter at the game. I couldn't believe that Coach Rock gave up his Sunday to make the long drive and sit out in the heat for 3 hours just to see one of his former players make a few blocks, especially considering his health challenges!!

He looked a lot older and thinner than the last time I had seen him, but he has been through a lot with the chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants, regular dialysis, etc.

Here are the LaGrange Panthers coming out on the field. Our subject of interest is #71.

One nice thing about an afternoon game is that I was able to take some action shots with my humble little camera!

Here is a a view of the scoreboard with 48 seconds left in the game.

And here is another view of the scoreboard after the Panthers intercepted the ball with about 3 seconds left and ran nearly the entire length of the field for one last touchdown!

This stunning victory improved the JV team's record to 7-0!

After the game, it is a tradition for the LaGrange College football team to approach the stands and sing the school song. Due to "technical difficulties" (I didn't turn on my camera in time!), you won't be able to watch all of the song, but I'm sure you will get the idea by watching the last bit of it here.

After that, the fans (mostly parents and girlfriends!) spill out onto the field to congratulate their favorite player and pose for pictures. Taylor sure wasn't expecting to see his high school coach waiting to congratulate him on a great game! He was really touched to know that Coach Rock made such an effort to come see him play!

I think Taylor was pleased that Ashlyn was there too! She drove 4 hours to be at his game.

After doing whatever football players do in the locker room after a game, Taylor emerged HUNGRY! :) So, we all went to eat dinner at a local barbecue place. After eating huge plates of BBQ, we split a couple banana puddings for dessert!

Then, it was time for Ashlyn to head north, while we headed south/east, and Taylor headed to his dorm room to study for his mid-terms.


Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great day!! I am so glad you got to see Ashlyn too! Looks like you had a full day of surprises, and a great meal to top it off!!

Noel said...

You take some really good pictures! Congradulations to your son and his team :)

MOMSWEB said...

Look at the extra special day you would have missed! Thank God for changing our plans, huh?

By the way, your camera takes wonderful pictures! I'm jealous!!

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