Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday?

Do you take advantage of the Day After Thanksgiving Sales?

I love a good bargain, but I don't like competing with hordes of people to get one! And I'm certainly not going to start standing in line at 3:30 am in order to jockey for position, so I can fight for some highly coveted item! I really don't want anything that badly!

I was tempted to try to pick up some bargains later in the day . . . but there was just too much work to be done at home! While the girls and I tackled some projects inside, such as cooking and deboning the turkey carcass, cleaning out the freezers to make room for some beef we purchased, and putting things in order after our big Thanksgiving celebration, Alan put the boys to work in the yard, tackling many long-overdue tasks. I love to see the guys all working hard together! So, I had Hannah snap a few pictures for me:

What about you? What did you do on the Day after Thanksgiving??


Julie said...

Usually mom and I do the Black Friday thing but only for the "fun" of it LOL! We enjoy the time together but we're never pressed to get "that one important thing". This year we didn't go. My uncle has cancer and my mom takes him to all his doctors appointments, which are MANY! So, she took the day for herself and I'm happy she did. As for family stayed home and put the ornaments on the tree :) It was a very relaxing day!

Samantha said...

We went out later that day. We always do our shopping on Friday. The only deal I got was Rubbermaid containers at Wal Mart, and I give food away so much that I always need them anyway. I looked for Christmas presents online, picked up a few small things I couldn't find around here. I hate the retail spree of the day, and agree that I don't want anything that much!

Jules said...

Yes I can see that they're working especially hard. :)

Rebecca's Refining said...

If we lived closer together, it would be a fun tradition to get together and go shopping on "black friday"! I have never taken advantage of it: #1. I don't enjoy shopping. #2. I don't like the rude crowds and long lines. #3. (probably the biggest reason) because I don't want to find a parking space for my full size van!! :) Besides, I never have my "list" made in time to know what I even want to look for! Burlin's sister looked over all the ads on thanksgiving day, and had her schedule made out....she was out at 3:00am!!!

Great job Boys!! I need a few boys over here to do some work for me!! I need someone to give my front yard some "curb appeal"......I am not talented in that area! (Nor do I enjoy yard work.)
BTW, I know it could just be the "angle of the camera", but Taylor looked like he has lost some weight at college. :)

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