Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching Up

I have been so busy lately, and life so full of twists and turns, that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog posts the way I'd like. Somehow, it seems more important to try to keep up with the laundry, the meals, the housework, and the homeschooling, and I'm behind in those areas too! Getting behind is always overwhelming, because "catching up is so hard to do." (sung to the tune of "Breaking Up is Hard to Do!") :)

Nevertheless, I am going to attempt catching up a bit here and hope to bring you up to date on the latest news.

Chris got his cast off a week ago Wednesday, much to his delight!

He is now wearing a big brace with a "hinge" at the elbow that can be set to a specific angle. He started physical therapy this week. He is supposed to go three times a week for hour long sessions to help him regain his range of motion. He cannot bend his arm all the way up; cannot straighten it all the way out; and cannot twist it so his palm is facing up. These once-simple movements must be relearned through at-home exercises that he does three times daily plus the thrice-weekly sessions with a physical therapist. The added time "running around" each week plus the added expense are some of the "wrinkles" we've been faced with lately. Time and money are both in short supply around here, and it doesn't seem to take much to upset the delicate balance!

We've also been busy with football. Winning the Region Championship was a big deal for our son, his team, and the school, and has generated a great deal of enthusiasm among the many faithful fans! T-shirts, such as this one, were designed to commemorate this fantastic feat!

Last Friday night, Sherwood entered the state play-offs and easily won their first game, 41 to 8. Everyone was excited about the second round last night, and eagerly anticipated a big win. I believe our Eagles were the superior team, and they should have won and proceeded to the semi-finals, but that was not to be their fate. Ahead 12-7 at half time, the Eagles came out flat in the second half, and a combination of truly bad calls by the refs, bad play calls by the offensive coach, and unfortunate mistakes by the players, landed them a bitter 21-12 defeat, that cut short their bid for a state championship.

So, football season is over. Joe is both sad and glad. He is very tired at this point, especially after being sick all last week, and is actually ready for football season to be over. When you consider that being a football player involves off-season workouts before the school day starts during the winter and spring, a couple weeks of spring training after school, daily workouts during the summer, a grueling week of football camp during the height of the South Georgia heat, and practice every afternoon since school started, playing football is quite a commitment. Joe has been committed and has worked hard, and he has had a great season, including receiving an Honorable Mention for inclusion on the All Region team, which is a noteworthy accomplishment for a sophomore.

So, the sun has set on the 2009 football season, and I know that Alan and I will miss the Friday Night Lights, sitting in the "Eagle's Nest" cheering, watching #80's every move, and visiting with friends at the games, but we have much to look forward to these next two years, as the team continues to grow and develop and takes another stab at the State Championship!


Rebecca's Refining said...

Glad to hear Christopher got his cast off! I hope that the physical therapy helps him regain full range of motion in his arm!

Sorry about the football loss thus ending what has been a great season! Even though I enjoy watching sports, it is nice when the season comes to an end! :)

I know how busy my life seems these days, so I don't even want to "imagine" have twice as many....well, everything!! :) I am beginning to think busyness is part of Satan's tactic to attack the family. Personally, I find busyness leads to chaos....everything seems to suffer, from my spiritual life to the keeping of the home! While being busy is a part of life, I often add responsibilities or activities without seeking the Lord's guidance first. I then must step back, re-evaluate, and start again.
I find it amazing that with all our "modern conveniences".....we often accomplish less in a day than people did a hundred years ago!

kristilea said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you all are having to go through so much to get Chris's arm back to where it needs to be. They put a brace on my sons arm as well, but he just has to take it off at night and move around his wrist to get his movement back and strenghten it again. I know what you mean about taking so little to throw off the routine and balance. Having to run one extra errand or having one extra expence can ruine a whole week around here. I'll be praying for you.

Football deffinately is a commitment and I'm proud of him for Joe for all he's done this year. It is too bad for it to end on a bad note. Especially when you know you could have done better. But God had a reason for everything as you know, and I'm glad Joe can get some easier days for a while.

Good luck on the catchin up! I have to do the same with laundry now. I got the house pretty much back in order after being sick for so long, but the laundry is a whole nother story!!!

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