Sunday, November 29, 2009

Does God Use Facebook?

Ever thought about that?

I do believe that God is sovereign, that He directs our paths, and rules and overrules in the affairs of men. So, I guess He does use Facebook when it suits His purposes. Although, He obviously doesn't need it! All things considered, I feel that He used Facebook in my life on Saturday . . . .

I am not a "faithful facebooker." I get on sporadically and read a few status updates, perhaps comment here and there, and if I can think of something to say, other than "I'm doing the same thing I did yesterday!" I update my status. Yesterday, an impromptu Facebook check proved to be providential! I discovered that our long-time friends, the Gilleys, would be ministering in a church just 45 minutes away from us! We haven't seen this dear family for several years, and we jumped at the chance to see them!

Rick preached on Hebrews 12:1-2, giving the most powerful presentation of all the Names of God from A to Z that you've ever heard, and the family sang several songs and played their musical instruments. They are extremely talented, but even more importantly, they love God and do all they do for His Glory! We have known them for fifteen years, and know that they are Real.

They sing hymns, Southern Gospel style songs, and even some "Gospel Grass!" You can hear them sing here.

Everything they sing is awesome, but nothing can compare to their moving rendition of The Hallelujah Chorus! WOW! When they sing that song, God must lend a few voices from the heavenlies, because it sounds like an entire choir singing it!! The Lord has truly blessed them with beautiful voices, as well as incredible family harmony, both while singing and while living out their message.

If you live in the southeast, you might want to check their ministry calendar and see if they will be at a church near you. If you appreciate the good old-fashioned gospel message and good old-fashioned gospel music, without the modern rock beat, I can assure you that you will be blessed by their ministry!!!

It was such a blessing to see my friend, Nancy!! Thank you God, for using Facebook to allow me to be Blessed and encouraged today!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

Neat story! Glad you were able to see some "old" friends! They seem like a neat family.

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