Thursday, November 12, 2009

Smoothing Out the Wrinkles

I guess it is just human nature to want everything in life to go smoothly. Yet, very little character is formed in us when everything goes our way! I will always remember this quote, which I learned from the lips of a wise homeschooling mother, "Smooth sailing never made a skillful navigator."

We stretch and grow from overcoming the "wrinkles" in our lives. Yet, it can be pretty stressful and exhausting when we are facing wrinkles at every turn! It seems we have had quite a few wrinkles around here lately. One situation occured last week when Tiffany got very sick with a strange set of symptoms. She literally was too sick to do anything but lay flat for a week, as she felt weak and faint every time she sat up or stood. Even her doctor was puzzled. After anazlying her lab results, he felt that she had an unidentified bacterial infection, so he administered some strong antibiotics, which seemed to do the trick. Our concern turned to Joy as she responded to the medicinces (and to much prayer!) and regained the color in her cheeks, the twinkle in her eye, and the smile on her face!

One day while she was sick, Matthew helped me wash her sheets and remake her bed. As he carefully smoothed her sheets, he explained how Tiffany likes all of the "tangles" out, so that her bed is smooth! I thought it was so sweet, and ran to get my camera and "capture the moment." And, of course, it was just too sweet not to share!

Praying you are having a "wrinkle-free week!"

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Rebecca's Refining said...

Aahh. how sweet!! I love it when God gives us these "little blessings" to encourage us....especially when having a rough week!! Love you!

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