Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday - The Power of Six

I'm happy to report the loss of 1 pound and 3 inches this past week! While a modest decrease, it is definitely a move in the right direction!

I think the "secrets" to my success this week have been my daily T-Tapp workouts and my focus on eating more vegetables!

As you know, I have been participating in the Tappy Holidays challenge. One of the components is to eat SIX servings of veggies every single day! As I shared last week, that has proved challenging for me! However, I have persevered!

One of the first things I learned is that I have not been in the habit of eating enough vegetables. I think my typical day's fare would have included no more than two servings of veggies. So, it has been difficult to think in terms of six daily servings!

The second thing I discovered about myself is that I don't really like vegetables! I mean, some of them are OK -- but I am not likely to crave a vegetable serving, unless we are talking about a starchy vegetable, such as potatoes! :) Also, I would prefer to fill up on my protein and carbs and add my vegetables as an after-thought. Therefore, I discovered this blog post to be very helpful. Be sure to read it if you find eating lots of vegetables to be daunting, as well. I really liked the idea of strapping on your veggie training wheels and teaching yourself to like veggies! :)

These are the baby steps that have helped me this week:

1. Pre-chop some onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and zuchinni and store in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator. Saute a cup full of these veggies in some olive oil and then scramble in a couple eggs. This was Delicious! If your taste buds aren't quite up to this, try adding some grated cheddar! It will be like a scrambled omelette!

2. Finely chop or grate a variety of veggies -- onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, zuchinni, yellow squash, and carrots; saute in olive oil, and add to a big pot of spagetti sauce! This is a delicious way to sneak in some extra veggies and thicken up your spaghetti sauce, too. I served Spaghetti one night, and then used the leftover sauce to make some Lasagna another night. By adding a nice tossed salad, this meal contained 2 to 3 servings of veggies!

3. Buy a bag of raw carrots, broccoli and cauliflower from SAMS and dip the veggies in delicious roasted red pepper hummus, also from SAMS. This is a healthy snack and helped me get in a another serving of veggies!

4. Whirl about 4 cups of fresh spinach in the blender with about 8 to 12 ounces of water. Then add a couple ripe bananas (fresh or frozen), some frozen fruit, and even a scoop of whey protein powder for a delicious green smoothie. This is surprisingly delicious and makes a good breakfast or a good morning snack and really helps you get in those veggie servings!

These are some of the strategies that have helped me fit in my veggies this week!

Fitting in exercise is another challenge. I am trying to fit in at least six workouts a week, taking a break on Sundays, unless the weather is so nice I can't resist an afternoon walk! Fortunately, T-Tapp is very efficient, combining cardio, resistance training, stretching, and flexibility training all together in every workout! Teresa Tapp understands how busy our lives are, and even has practical suggestions for fitting fitness into our daily routines. Read this article to find out how you can fit in exercise any time and any place with some simple moves.

Fitting in six servings a day, and six workouts a week will go a long way towards giving us the power to be successful on this journey! How did you do this week??


Samantha said...

Just found your blog a couple days ago. I don't know much about what you are doing, but for the last 11 months I have been working off 6 pregnancies and have won! Over the last couple weeks I have slacked a little and am jumping back full force. I have lost 74 pounds. Good Luck!

Trisch said...


So happy for you!



Happy Busy Mama said...

Well, I am taking another week off from posting the number, number of pounds that is. This is not a week to battle defeat, so I keep taking baby steps to taking care of myself. This is a power-packed week of wrapping up a LOT, I mean a lot of loose ends and with dh on the road most of the week, there's even more on my plate. My goal for this week, is clear the clutter from the house and my schedule so that after Thanksgiving, I can go into the holiday season with a clear focus and roooooom to do t-tapp.

I'm so proud of your green shakes. I would have never believed it. Now for the green tea. ;-)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Great Gob!!! You will be to your goal in no time!!! :)

busymomof10 said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! This is a very challenging time of year to stay focused on my goals and the daily steps that will get me there!

Samantha said...

Don't know if you want the whole thing here on your blog....I do have a few posts on mine about the whole thing. These couple are when I started ChaleanExtreme.
The workouts started first, the diet followed slowly behind it seemed. November-March I just cut back on evening eating, drank less sweet tea. In April I read "Are You Ready?" by Bob Harper (Biggest Loser coach) and started counting calories, 1400 a day (still nursing, but Leah was eating real food and was 13 mos at the time) drinking only water, no food after 7pm. I worked out at 7 every night. I really LOVE Turbo Jam. Any of them, all of them! In May I started Chalean Extreme, an intense, change your body workout system that really worked, from the same creator as Turbo Jam, Chalene Johnson. We followed her food guide. High protein (good lean chicken, turkey, tuna..) Low carbs, veggie, fruit, water. 5 small meals...
I did that for 6 months. Right now I am backing away from that because I don't need intense weights right now, and with the holidays I need less time for weights (the weight routines were about 45 min). Right now I am using PowerFit from QVC. Stephanie was a Firm instructor and she is an unashamed Christian! Her workouts are 5 days a week, 20 min a day, using a band for resistance. I don't do her cardio or ab days, and instead run (treadmill)or do Turbo Jam on resistance days in combo, and do a long Turbo Jam on pure cardio days.
Everyone says workout in early am, but I HATE that! I find if I workout at 7pm, I am full of water and am not hungry if I go to bed at a reasonable time. :) I may do Extreme again after the holidays...IDK. It is hard! Not for everyone, but it works.
I no longer count calories officially, just keep in mind my intake. I do cheat, but like Chalene says, "Don't let a slip turn into a slide!"
Thanks for the nice comments, I have a really hard time accepting myself, and just told my husband this morning I need a tummy tuck. Bad moment. 6 kids does not = washboard abs no matter what. You know! My friend says I need 1 more pound to make sense. I am OCD and she said 75 lost sounds better than 74. Grrr. She's right!
God Bless! Thanks again, and any other questions, and I will answer them!

Samantha said...

Oh, I see you saw my other posts! lol

Samantha said...

We LOVE the Duggars!

Samantha said...

And yes, Christmas before Thanksgiving! I'll be posting about the finished light and 2 trees later! Are you on Facebook? Homeschool Lounge?

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