Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

I'm down a pound since last Wednesday. I've also shaved off about 3 inches in the past week with consistent T-Tapp workouts. I've done T-Tapp off and on, but I guess I have not been consistent enough to see spectacular results. Check out this inspiring video to see how consistency paid off for one homeschooling mother of 12!~

On Monday, I signed up for Tappy Holidays to help me stay focused through this frenzied time of year. This is going to be a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g experience, as the holidays are always a Busy, Crazy, Stressful time for me! However, I'm hoping this event will help me better weather the food-filled holidays and encourage me to squeeze in regular workouts! It isn't too late to sign up! Let me know in a comment if you are participating in Tappy Holidays and we can encourage each other to be healthy and fit throughout the holiday season!

Click on the link below to learn more about T-Tapp and order your starting workout!


Noel said...

3 inches! Good for you, that's great :) The holidays are sooo hard on diets, we try to limit sweets to the weekend to cut down on the damage. At least we seem to be maintaining. This is our first time trying to stay on a diet during the holidays. My husband lost 50+ pounds this year - and he doesn't want to gain it back, so it limits what or how many desserts I can make :( I love sweets!

Happy Busy Mama said...

Good Thursday morning! A day late, but a pound lighter than last week. ;-) I will take it for a total of 6# lost. It is one of the few things that has gone right this week. I am planning to start a t-tapp bootcamp tomorrow. Are you laughing? I am not procrastinating, but dealing with the last 500 All Aboard books in my house and the approx. 2000 that belong to me. So when I can see the floor again, I plan to start the bootcamp. Today, I will work off calories the old fashion way--hard labor! lol

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

I am in! What I love is the veggie thing. I have struggled to get enough in, always choosing the protein or carb to fill up any remaining space in tummy. Not now! I don't want to miss out on any points so I eat them first.

I am doing okay with the workouts, taking is slowly, less reps. I need to remember that just because I can make it though a workout doesn't mean my body will recover as normal, so I need to shoot short of what I think I can do.

We can do this, we just need to make it a priority! Seeking God (see my blog) and Tappy Holidays are how I am going to spend the rest of my year, LORD WILLING ;-)

I love the story of what you are supposed to do on an put the air mask on yourself first or else you can't save counter to how mamas think, but I am seeing the results of not doing this in myself and many other mamas who are sick and stressed or on their way and don't know it yet.

It is okay!!! To take care of you, it's not even us who really takes care of the children, it's the Lord, so maybe we can let go of some control, trust Him and take care of this temple that we have abused for years.

Okay, sorry, I guess I needed that, maybe someone else will too ;-)

kristilea said...

That is wonderful news E! I'm so happy you were able to report some loss this week. Those inches can be even more exciting than the scale can't they?! Especially around the waist. I feel that the more I lose around the waist, the better I feel. When my tummy is sticking out to the never ever, I really feel heavy.

I checked out the T-Tap and it looks like a great and effective program. I really hope you have great success with the Holiday challenge. I might try the T-Tap later. I can't afford any of the videos right now, but maybe the begining of next year, I could get into it. I can see where it is really good for the body and mind!

Keep it up! The holidays can be so bussy and stressful if we let them. I just try to focus on family and not food. I soak up every minute of my loved ones possible. It's been hard on me since we moved to Georgia because I don't see my family anymore during Thanksgiving and Christmas. But we have some great friends here who are as close to family as you can get, and they've been real good about including us in dinners, etc.

Amy said...

Whoo hoo! 3 inches and 1 pound! That is awesome! :)

Trisch said...

WOO-HOO for the inch loss! GO SISTER GO! \o/

Yes, I'm doing Tappy Holidays! I did it two years ago, then started last year but had to drop out due to the miscarriage.

So I'm back in force this year! ;)

My arms are really toning up, too!

Keep up the good work! We can do it--Yes We CAN!



Rebecca's Refining said...

Great Job!!!! :) I know that will encourage you to keep pressing on!! I love you!! We will have to encourage each other during the holiday season....too bad you don't live close enough to "slap my hand" when needed!

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