Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am holding steady here -- no changes pound-wise or inch-wise. That was a bit of a discouragement today, but I am continuing to work on establishing good habits, trusting that I will eventually see the results I seek.

As part of the Tappy Holidays Challenge, we are supposed to eat six servings of vegetables every day. Wow! That has proven to be quite a challenge for me!! That means six cups of raw veggies or 3 cups of cooked veggies every single day! I find that I am doing good to eat four servings a day!! How about you? How many servings of vegetables do you eat on a typical day? Leave me a comment and let me know. If you have any suggestions for squeezing in a couple more servings, tell me about that too!!


Rebecca's Refining said...

Carrot cake is a great way to "sneak" in those vegies!!! :)
(just kidding!!)
It is hard to get in extra vegies...I find it easier if I have some already cleaned, cut, and stored in a ziplock bag in the fridge. I am more likely to snack on them that way!
Keep on working....victory will come!! love you!

kristilea said...

I struggle with it too! I've never been a vegetable person, and even though I enjoy them now, I still find it hard to eat that many every day. I've been very sick for the past two weeks, and I've been doing good just to get through the day. I've put no thought into what I've ate, drank, or weighed since I got sick. I'm scared to get on that scale after not weighing myself for so long. I normally weight myself daily.

Good job with your workouts, and I know they will eventually pay off!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Thanks for the heads up on the article, I just read it.
Also, I have been getting my veggies in by making sure I have at least 2-3 at breakfast. This was challenging to my mind at first, cuz who wants veggies at breakfast? Not me!

Well, the first week I switched to a veggie scramble. ( I usually have over easy and turkey sausage) I sauteed as many onion, red peppers and spinach as I could stand and scrambled a couple of eggs in.

This week I have been a little busier and I bought one of those big packages of organic mixed greens (that I usually end up throwing away because I just didn't eat it fast enough) So, this week it has been over easy eggs, sausage and a huge 3 cupish bowl of greens with a little homemade 'ranch' dressing on it. Salad for breakfast, who knew?! I certainly wouldn't have thought that I would be doing that! Guess competition will do wonders for me!

Then a salad at lunch or dinner, even just the greens. And veggies I might normally prepare for family and I have them in, plus some! I think I have even gotten as high as 9-10, but I stop counting at 6. I think you can count the alfalfa, but I haven't needed to yet. Hope that helps. I have heard of people having veggie soup too. I am doing to make a gazpacho, which is all veggie to have when I am behing on veggies.

I am excited about your Mom's CD, do you have my address?

Happy Busy Mama said...

Well, I'm a couple days late. I confess, I did not get on the scales this week. Sometimes other challenges "outweigh" (pun intended, lol)progress in the weight loss department. This was one of those weeks when I could not bear to KNOW that I was not making progress. So, I will see next week. :-)

Vegies--I love vegies so this is an easy one for me if I am NOT in a hurry and grabbing quick carbs. I love big salads, green drinks with fresh greens, breakfast salad, chunky soup, stir fry, flatbread vegie pizza,raw vegie snacks,

busymomof10 said...

Carrot cake -- unfortunately, I don't even like it!! I do like Zucchini bread though!! ;)

Michelle, thanks for the idea for the veggie scramble! I made one this morning with sauteed onions, red bell pepper, mushrooms and zucchini and scrambled some eggs into it. It was Delicious! :)

Then, if I drink one cup of V8-Fusion, I already have two servings of veggies and a serving of fruit too! What a good way to start my day!

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