Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

After our Crazy Christmas Eve, our Christmas Day celebration was pretty calm! Well, as calm as Christmas can be with ten excited children!!! ;)

Alan and I got up about 7 am on Christmas morning, in order to take our showers and get ready for the day, stuff the turkey and put it on to roast, and put our traditional breakfast casserole in the oven to bake. By that time, children were beginning to trickle out of their bedrooms, and we woke up the rest, so everyone could get their showers and get dressed for the day.

When everyone was ready, we sat down to our annual Breakfast Casserole, Cinnamon Rolls and Orange Slices. After eating breakfast, Luke and Chris went and got the stockings and handed them out at the table, for everyone to explore.

Then, we quickly cleaned up the kitchen and convened in the family room for our family gift exchange. After the Advent fiasco of the night before, we were all a little nervous when Alan began to read our Advent book, but he was able to finish it without incident, thankfully! ;)

Then we opened presents! But, at our house, we don't let the children just dive into them and tear them open in a rush. We have developed a system for this important event -- someone finds a package under the tree for the youngest child and gives it to her. She opens her gift, while we all watch and admire and enjoy her excitement. Then a package is opened by the second youngest child; then the third, and so on. When all of the children have opened a present, Alan and I open one. At that point, we stuff all the trash into a big black bag, and then start over and make the round again. This continues until all gifts have been opened. It usually takes about five rounds for everyone to open all of their gifts.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

Bethany was excited to receive a new baby doll and car seat.

Matt eagerly opened a new Wii game.

Luke was excited to receive another Halo Wars building set!

Chris got a new Wii classic controller.

Alan received some Apple Butter from Cracker Barrel -- his favorite.

Tiffany's new plaque fits her perfectly -- "Pink is not just a color. It's an attitude!"

New shoes for Ashlyn.

Joe and Tiffany -- looking good!

Joe was excited to get a game of Apples to Apples!

Chris excitedly opened his top request - Modern Warfare 2 -- an X box game.

New boots for Hannah!

A new version of Scrabble for family game nights!

Joe is happy to get an American Eagle T shirt.

A Cooking Mama Wii game for Hannah!

New Precious Moments Bibles for Matt and Bethany!

Home Decor for Mom!

A perfect coffee mug for Tiffany! It says, "With enough prayer and coffee, I can do anything!"

Luke and Joe examining one of Luke's gifts.

Winter gloves to keep Joshua's hands warm when he goes to Ohio to visit his cousins!

The Gift of the Day -- Axe Spray!

After the excitement died down, Alan's Mom came over to exchange gifts with us!

By the time we finished exchanging gifts with her, I had to get busy in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on our big Christmas Dinner. Our Christmas menu included:

Spiral Ham
Party Potato Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Broccoli Casserole
Sauteed Green Beans with Red Peppers
Pumpkin Bread
Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake
Banana Pudding

And then the best part of Christmas -- those quiet moments at the end of the day, when all the hustle and bustle is over, the worst of the mess is cleaned up, and everyone is occupied with their new Christmas toys, and I can sit quietly by the fire, and rest my weary feet and think over all the events of the last couple days, remembering the Greatest Gift I have ever received, and ponder it all in my heart.


kristilea said...

Those are wonderful pictures! I love the coffee mug that Tiffany got...I need one of those!

We also open presents one at a time. Unless two go together and opening one at a time would ruin the surprise, then we'll have two kids open them at the same time.
It makes the time last longer, and I think it helps the kids to appreciate their gifts more.

I love that quiet moment too, when all the kids are occupied with their presents, and the mess is mostly gone. I just love EVERYTHING about Christmas!

tlmalcolm said...

We do gifts one at a time as well. I have always enjoyed watching the person's reaction to their gifts the best!! And it is always so much fun when there are young children in the family. The magic is always best for the very young!!

Happy Busy Mama said...

I loved these posts. I felt like I was there and knowing all the personalities makes it fun for me! :-) John loved the story about the giggling while Alan was reading. He could relate to that one. Now the big question . . . after all this wonderful food and cookie mania, are you thinking about changing Weight Loss Wed. to Weight Gain Wednesday?

busymomof10 said...

Dear Happy Busy Mama -- is it that obvious????? big sigh . . . .

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