Friday, February 5, 2010

Healthy Habit #6 for 2010: Exercise 30 Minutes a Day

We all know the benefits of fitting exercise into our lives, but I've found that unless I make it an integral part of my daily routine, I just don't seem to find time for it.  After attempting to exercise at different times of the day, I find that the best time for me is in the morning, before the runaway train (A.K.A. an average day) leaves the station.

I've also found that it is helpful to have an alternate plan.  That way, if the train happens to leave the station without me, I have a plan for fitting in a workout as I hop on board!

My goal is to exercise for 30 minutes every morning (except for Sunday), using a T-Tapp workout.  Right now I am focusing on the Total Workout, which is a bit too long to fit in my available time slot, so I am dividing it in half and splitting it between two days.  After focusing on the Total Workout for a month, I plan to alternate between various workouts that are about half an hour in length.

If I wake up late and don't have time for a thirty minute workout, I will reinforce my exercise habit by doing the 15 minute Basic Workout.  This workout packs a big punch for a short time investment and keeps me on track!  According to Charlotte, the effectiveness of this little workout should not be underestimated!!

Speaking of Charlotte, if you have not already done so, please take the time to read her Success Story!  Make sure you click on her video, too!  A busy homeschooling mother of twelve who looks incredible, Charlotte inspires me so much!!  When I am tempted to give up, I think of Charlotte and I am motivated to dig out my Skechers and put in my DVD and push play once again . . .


Rebecca's Refining said...

I hate exercise! If I knew I had an hour workout to look forward to every day, it just wouldn't happen!! In fact, I prefer calling this time "torture-cise"!! :)
My new goal for exercising is a short 15 minute video workout in the morning. Then, I am using the elliptical at night for 20-30 minutes. Even these small chunks of time are hard for me, as I would rather be doing anything other than a work-out, but, the principle is faithfulness, right?! My goal is to be faithful in my commitment to exercise each day...and hope to one day maybe enjoy it, and/or reap the benefits of it!! :)

busymomof10 said...

Tiffany and I do think that the T in T-Tapp might possibly stand for Torture! :) But, I guess if Teresa named her workouts Torture-Tapp, she wouldn't sell many DVDs! LOL!

mommyx12 said...

I've been using Leslie Sansone's walk videos everyday. Ever since the cold came and snow started flying I brought my walk indoors. I plan on doing a review about the dvds on my blog soon. Today we did 5 miles in one hour because she has what is called Boosted Walking. I love them. Check one out from your library and give it a try.

September said...

I too, find, that the "train," will sometimes leave without me! Living with an alternate plan is best for me,,, Hooray for you,,,, you are keeping me inspired too! My goa.. to lose 20 #'s before our oldest graduates in 4 months.
Keep posting.. I am letting you be my exercise inspiration! Thankful for you!
( p.s. my first blog giveaway is today and tomorrow.. stop by, if you can.. but exercise 1st! :)

Vivianna said...

I read Charlotte's success story and watched the video clip. All I can say is WOW! She looks absolutely amazing. What an inspiration. How can anybody read/watch that and not be inspired to get started on a healthy/active lifestyle.

She is right, consistency is the key. Doing a little everyday is better than doing a lot one day and then not doing anything for days.

I am so glad you are incorporating T-Tapp into your lifestyle. I've never heard of it until I read about it on one of your posts. I go to the gym with my husband, but this T-Tapp sounds like something I'd like to do at home for 15-20 min. a day. It has a totally different approach than weight lifting and running. I did two of her demo clips, and you are right they are challenging.

I am glad we are on this journey of exercise together so we can encourage one another along the way.

Have a blessed Lord's day!

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