Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kohl's Cash Redeemed!

As a result of my shopping spree at Kohl's, I ended up with $70 of Kohl's Cash to spend!  How fun is that??  :) 

I redeemed my Kohl's cash yesterday, using half of it for this Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker, which was on sale for $34.99.

My children hurried dowstairs this morning, saying that the house smelled like one of those continental breakfasts that you eat at hotels.  They were extremely excited to see waffles in the making!

Last night, I mixed up this recipe for blender waffles, which was wonderful!  They were so light and fluffy, while also being perfectly nutritious and delicious!!!   When I depleted all of my healthy batter, and the children were still clamoring for more, I made up a batch of not-so-healthy peanut-butter-chocolate-chip waffles, from the recipe booklet that came with the waffle maker.  They were delicious, and such a hit that the children finished them off for lunch!  :)

My children are very pleased with my use of my Kohl's cash!

I'm thinking that waffles will be on the breakfast menu quite frequently in the days ahead!


Donna G. said...

Great buys, Elizabeth!

Waffles made me think of pancakes and that made me think of the Pioneer Woman. If you don't follow her blog, you should. She's great!! She covers cooking, homeschooling (least active part of her website), photography, . . ..

Today on the cooking part, she had a recipe for cinnamon bun pancakes. How decadent is that? =) Here's a link:


kristilea said...

It's beautiful! I was looking at one online...it's red and is square instead of round. It was the first time I had ever seen a roatating one! The one I was looking at looked to small though. I'm so tired off spending forever trying to make waffles for 6 starving people. 2-3 waffles each, that means I have to make 10-15 waffles before I even get started on mine. I want something BIG, or at least thicker, so we fill up faster and don't have to make as many!

Raising Arrows said...

Those are so nice! My SIL has one that makes awesome waffles!

Kathy - mom of many said...

My first thought is "Where in the world do you store that big appliance?"
Looks like fun though.

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