Monday, February 15, 2010

Kohl's Deals Make Me Happy!

I think I've mentioned before that Kohl's is my favorite department store!  That is because they have quality merchandise and some unbeatable sales and incentives!  Recently, I recieved one of the coveted 30% off coupons in the mail!  It was good February 10th-14th only, and I immediately started to contemplate my "wish list.

To sweeten the deal, Kohl's was offering the tantalizing reward of Kohl's cash -- $10 worth for every $50 spent!  I definitely love to get Kohl's Cash!   :)

After much thought, I decided to seize the opportunity to purchase a pair of Skecher's Shape Ups.  Now, these amazing shoes are regularly $109, which to me is an astronomical price!!!   But, with my 30% off, it brought the price down to $76.  Then, I had $30 on a gift card, which brought my total out-of-pocket down to $46, plus I earned $10 of Kohl's cash!   :)

I was pretty happy with my new Shape Ups deal!  Then my hubby suggested that I take advantage of my 30% coupon to buy a new KitchenAid 6-quart mixer, which I've been watching for awhile!  Regularly, $499, it was on sale for $399, which combined with my coupon worked out to be quite a good deal!  Check this out:

Kitchen Aid 6-quart mixer - normally $499
Sale price -- $399
Discount (30% off) -- $279
Mail-in $40 Rebate -- $239
Received $50 Kohl's cash -- $189!!!

How amazing is that??   :)

Now I get to look forward to spending my Kohl's cash this week!!  Yes, Kohl's deals definitely make me happy!    :)


Samantha said...

Wish we had one!! How about the shape ups? I have been looking at those too!

6blessings said...

I got the same mixer two years ago for Christmas. It has been a great investment. I also got the shreader/strainer attachments and we use these to make cole slaw, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. when we can and freeze. It has also been great to make bread in. My bread mixer started leaking :( So I've been using Martha Greene's Best Bread recipe in my Kitchen-aid. It is also great for making large batches of cookies. As you can see, we really like our mixer :) You got a great deal!

kristilea said...

What wonderful deals! There's nothing like a really good deal..especially when it's for something very useful!

Amy Ellen said...

what do you think about your shape ups? i bought some off ebay after christmas and am going to write a post about them... do you like yours??? i'm so curious to know!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

It's kinda hard for me to get excited about shoes :) but congrats! And what a beautiful Kitchen-Aid!! I know you're going to love it.

mommyx12 said...

Good for you. That is wonderful on the mixer. I love mine. My kids and hubby got it for me for Christmas several years ago. Gets used all the time. We have a Kohl's here too, but rarely do we get any good deals.

tlmalcolm said...

Kohl's is a good store! I got Eric and Megan a regular kitchen aid at Xmas for 100.00 after all the discounts. I was thrilled with that price. you did great. How are the shoes?

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Yeah!!! We love Kohls too. Brian and I were just there on Friday and spent a boatload from every department for the children and of course another pair of jeans for me. I think I have problem with buying jeans! Anyway, the lady rung up only 20% instead of 30 and then took another 20% off which was like 38% and, we had a gift card we forgot about that had 176.00 on it!!! Then Kohls cash on top of it! Brian and the kids are going tomorrow to return and buy more. We just grab and bring home to try on, easier that way.

So happy for you, love the mixer. I know how fun it is to get new kitchen gadgets. I just got a Blendtec and my Excalibut dehydrator is coming this week!!!

Happy for you!

Rebecca's Refining said...

HELLO!!! Aren't you supposed to be thinking about your wonderful sister when you find these great deals????? :)
Enjoy your new mixer!!! :) Maybe one day I will come across a great deal like you found!! I love the kitchen aid mixers!! They are great...I think next time I need to invest in the professional one as I must bake too much and tend to burn up motors!! I am "nursing" my current KA mixer along ...trying to make it last a little longer...trying to not mix anything that will cause a heavy strain on the motor.
I have been looking at those shoes too!! :) They remind me of the ttap shoes! Let me know if they help....I need a new pair of shoes, so if I see them on sale I may give them a try. Though, the pair you found is much cuter than the one I have seen.
Well, great job on your bargains! I am happy for you! But, don't forget about your "lil sis" next time!!! :)

Kathy - mom of many said...

Nice deals there!

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