Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shape Ups -- Your Questions Answered

Several of you have asked me questions about  my new Skecher Shape-Ups.  Instead of responding to various emails, I thought I would cover the ground with one blog update!

These shoes are advertised to:

  • promote weight loss

  • strengthen the back

  • firm calf and buttock muscles

  • reduce cellulite and tone thighs

  • increase cardiovascular health

  • improve posture

  • reduce stress on knee and ankle joints
 Do they really do all of those things??  I honestly don't know! 

I will say that they are extremely comfortable for anything that requires standing for a length of time, especially because they are so cushioned!  I enjoy wearing them around the house for cooking and ironing and routine household chores, as I feel like they help me stand up straighter and maintain better posture.  The informational booklet says,"Conventional footwear does not provide proper support or aid in correct posture for long periods of standing.  With Shape-Ups, the simulation of soft ground will ease the stress on your joints, promote correct posture and strengthen your leg, buttock, back and abdominal muscles as you naturally work to keep your center of balance."

Walking in Shape-Ups felt awkward to me at first.  (It reminds me of walking in my orthopedic boot after I broke my ankle.)  According to the booklet that came with my shoes, "Shape-Ups are designed to enhance the benefits of walking by stimulating muscles not utilized with standard walking shoes.  They also reduce the impact on joints by providing a more natural, forgiving walking surface.  Walking on a soft surface may seem awkward at first, but your body will compensate by activating muscles in your legs, buttocks, back and stomach to center your body, resulting in improved coordination and posture, stronger muscles, and increased blood flow." 
Right after I got them, I wore my Shape-Ups for a big errand day that included shopping at Sam's Club and the grocery store, and other than feeling a little off balance at times, they were comfortable and I liked wearing them.  The muscles in my legs felt tired by the time I got home, but it was a good kind of tired, if you know what I mean. 

Then, I wore them on Sunday when Tiffany and I took a walk, and I definitely overdid it!  We walked about 50 minutes, and I pushed myself to keep up with Tiffany, who has long legs like her Daddy!  :)  By the time we got home, my legs, hip joints and lower back were really hurting!  In fact, they hurt enough to hinder my sleep that night!  Now, I must confess that in the literature that comes with the shoes it says (in bold print):  "Due to this unconventional manner of walking, we suggest you moderate your walking routine in Shape-Ups for the first week or two (25 to 45 minutes per day), depending on your level of fitness."  Well, so much for following the directions!   ;)

So, are they worth it?  Probably not, unless you find a good sale, like I did!  I just don't know that any shoe is worth 100 bucks!!  Do they work?  I don't expect them to work miracles, but I do feel them working muscles not normally utilized and believe they are strengthening my core and improving my posture.  So, I believe they will prove to be an effective tool in helping me to "shape up!"   :) 

Let me know if you get a pair of your own!


Samantha said...

Would you be able to do kickboxing in them?? I need new workout shoes and could never buy two pairs of $100 shoes.

busymomof10 said...

Only if you have Excellent balance! I would fall over . . . :)

Donna G. said...

Sounds like my FitFlops that were supposed to tone my legs, improve my posture, . . .. They didn't do flip! =) But they're very comfortable. At least they WERE comfortable. I haven't worn a pair of shoes in months. Stupid orthopedic boot.

Rebecca's Refining said...

Wouldn't it be great if just wearing a certain shoe would help us lose weight, tone muscles, and have perfect posture! :)
Unless I find them on a great sale, I won't be trying them...but I am in the market for a new pair of shoes before spring!
I hope you enjoy your new extra exercise for me so I don't have to!! :)

mommyx12 said...

Hmm, I may have to get me a pair of those!! I have 2 pairs of sketchers tennis shoes and I really like them.

We lived on the island for 3 years. Our 6th was born 18 months before we moved off. I think we enjoyed it for the most part. Putting some of the tougher moments aside!!

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