Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Full Count

Neither Joe nor Luke will be running the bases this spring, even though they are both naturally good at it, and have been running them every spring for the past several years.   Because they both played football and basketball this year (Luke through a church rec program and Joe at the high school level), they decided to take a break from baseball this spring.  Joe chose to give up his spot at first base, so he could take his place behind the counter at Chick-Fil-A and build up his dwindling bank balance!  Luke chose to step back from being his team's best base stealer to let his brother Matthew step up to the plate.  Matt has been dying to play baseball, and knowing that it is both expensive and time-consuming to have multiple boys playing baseball, Luke offered his spot to Matt this spring.     

Matt is thrilled to finally have a turn to play baseball!  He's pretty cute in his Dodger's uniform, too; don't you think?!  :)   Since he has never played before, and has some issues with staying focused, he is having a little trouble putting it all together, but fortunately, he has some very patient coaches, who don't mind taking time to teach the fundamentals.  He was also blessed to be put on a pretty good team.  So far, they have won two games, tied one, and lost one, with ten games to go in the regular season!

Learning to connect bat with ball has proven challenging for Matt, but he is making progress.

Saturday morning was every parent's nightmare -- the score was tied; it was the "bottom of the ninth," two outs, bases loaded, and Matt was up to bat!!!  : o   The pressure was on!  Then it was full count . . . would Matt get a hit?   strike out?  or get walked?   I wish I could say that he hit one of those game-winning hits that give a parent bragging rights for years to come, or even that he got walked and brought in the winning run, but that was not to be part of the script.  He struck out. 

However, late in the game on Monday evening, Matt was once again up to bat.  This time he sent the ball sailing into left field, and because he knocked in the last run of the game (because of mercy rules), he was awarded the game ball!!  Wow!  Never expected to see that in his glove this season!  ;-)


Kathy - mom of many said...

Wow, congratulations to Matt! And, yes, he does look cute in his Dodgers uniform. That was so nice of his brother to let him have a chance at playing baseball.

In answer to your questions on my blog...yes, the Reeds still lead the COMMIT conferences. I went to my first one 5 years ago. Christianna was still involved, though married by then. She announced her pregnancy at that conference. She is now expecting her third baby. God is so good. She never thought she'd have children due to her health issues. She's pretty much healed, praise God.
Kathryn was at this COMMIT too. I had never seen her speak, but I vaguely remember hearing about being tragically hit by a drunk driver and her sister's death. She spoke about that and several other things God is doing in her life now. And, right now, she's living just an hour away from us. So, I'm hoping she can come for dinner or something soon. She might be moving in the next few months.

I've never been to the Okefenokee Swamp. I'll have to look it up.

Rebecca's Refining said...

He is a "cutie"! Great job Matt!! :) I think getting to keep the "game ball" is really special!
Although it is nice to have our children grow older, it can be difficult to say "good-bye" to the "fun" activities of summer! They trade in their sports uniforms for work uniforms, and instead of driving them to and from practices, it becomes the work place! But, when they are fortunate to find employment in this economy, it is best to take advantage of it! (As a sidenote: I realize that though this is financially true, it may not be in the spiritual realm )
I guess Matt is glad his brothers are getting older and taking on "more important" responsibilities, as it has enabled him to enjoy sports this summer! May he find something he is good at! :)

mommyx12 said...

How fun. Sounds like he made up for the other game. Good job Matt.

Have a great week!

Kristi Lea said...

What a wonderful sacrifice for him to make for his brother! I'm sure with time, that Matthew will get the hang of it, and if he at least enjoys himself, than it will all be worth it! He does look so darling in his uniform!

tlmalcolm said...

I really miss those bleacher days with my boys!! But I must say I never enjoyed baseball and either did my guys!!:) They only played until 4th grade!! Matthew looks very handsome in his dodgers uniform!! Tell him to enjoy his time on the team!! I liked them to have jobs but it sure cut into family routines and schedules but it is such a great learning opportunity! And I especilly love the grunt jobs, always hoped they would realize that without a good education those are the jobs they might have to do for life:) Tim sorted chicken parts at an amusement park one summer for their food service division. I don't think he ever liked chicken much after that!! Eric did manual labor for a landscaper one summer and decided that wasn't for him as a life occupation!! Both enjoyed later jobs Tim as a life guard and Eric as a rides manager at an amusement park however!! Guess they both liked bossing others:)!!

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