Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where We Went In our PJs!

Have you ever dreamed you went to church or school or work in your pajamas??  Well, we actually did it!  We went to town in our pajamas Saturday night!!  We even got out of the van and paraded around the parking lot of Brusters!!  This is not the first time either . . . we do this once a year on Pajama Day!

Joe had to work most of the day, so we waited until he got off work that night to mount our attack!  We descended upon the premises about 10 pm with two van loads of hungry ice cream lovers!  Here are Joe and Abby enjoying their FREE ice cream!


Tiffany ordered her absolute favorite flavor -- Chocolate Chip Mint!  Unfortunately for Josh, who spent five minutes telling us how he always gets Chocolate Chip Mint, she took the very last scoop of it, which explains her triumphant smile below!!   :)

He was pretty devastated, but consoled himself with Thin Mint, which is a close cousin to Chocolate Chip Mint!

I requested Coffee Toffee, which they were also out of, so I took Christopher's suggestion and ordered Vanilla Toffee Crunch, which was pretty yummy!  Bethany played it safe with Vanilla; although getting a cone was pretty risky for her.  ;-)

Amazingly, we had no mishaps with cones!  Here is Matt enjoying his!

Luke, and his friend, Jase, enjoyed playing around as much as they did eating their ice cream!  In fact, we were all quite lively and loud, because for some reason everything was Funny!   :)  (It's a good thing we were already in the parking lot, or we might have been escorted there!!)

Hannah's friend, Lanie totally stole the show!  She requested eight (yes 8!) flavor samples . . . and then ordered Vanilla!!!!    :)  We just couldn't seem to stop laughing over that!

Then, Josh and Tiffany were sparring a bit, when Jases's Mom, Sabra, looked at Tiffany very matter-of-factly and said, "It is hard to take you seriously with a chocolate chip between your teeth!"   (To see the result of this interaction, check out the following pictures!)

Yes, we had a lot of FUN and can't wait until next year's Pajama Day!!!

Note:  This is NOT a part of my Healthy Habits for 2010 series!  :)


tlmalcolm said...

Ice cream is always fun and free ice cream even better!! Looks like you all laughed off the calories so not to worry!! And the PJ's just added to the fun and since it was so late you could just crawl into bed when you got home....but where was Alan? I wanted to his jammies!!:)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Aren't you glad "jammies" are more stylish and fun than they used to be?! :) I love the cute slippers too!

Looks like you had fun eating *free* ice cream and socializing! I wish the Creamery would do that here! :)

I hope you ate one for me!

busymomof10 said...

Alan is much too dignified to go out for ice cream in his pajamas!!! He leaves the crazy antics to me! :) So, he stayed home and ate a huge bowl of ice cream and enjoyed the peace and quiet!!

Samantha said...

Free ice cream? I need some of that!

mommyx12 said...

That looks like fun. Especially when there is a crowd. I however did not have a crowd when I flew home from Colorado Springs to Wisconsin in my pj's when I was expecting my twins. Hubby said I could go to that fancy pregnancy store in the mall, (the name escapes me) and buy a brand new outfit. They were my 8th pregnancy and it had been so long since I had anything cute. Well, I bought the cutest outfit, matching top and bottom, I had no idea it was pj's! It had the openings for nursing but that still didn't clue me in. I wore it home on the plane. Then, several weeks later I was at the mall here in that store and was looking at their night wear and low and behold, an outfit just like that was on the rack. Then it dawned on me. Oh I hope everyone else was clueless too while I was traveling!

busymomof10 said...

Oh Mommyx12 -- That was the Funniest Story!! I thought you were going to say that was all that would fit!! That would be my predicament at the end of a pregnancy!!!! :) I bet you looked cute anyway -- but how did you keep those nursing openings closed on the flight????? ;-)

dyslexic different thinking me said...

This is just so fun!! My family has never done this, but we are famous for "bed head breakfasts." We roll out of bed in the morning, pour our selves into sweats or some comfy clothes and off we go to town. No showers or make up and hair is as it was while sleeping. Keeps us humble & well fed!! haha
We're going to have try this idea too cause we love ice cream!!! This looks like it was a blast!

mommyx12 said...

I was only about 3 months pregnant. But I probably looked a bit bigger since they were twins. I didn't know I had twins at the time. Those nursing things weren't a problem that I remember. They do pretty good putting lots of extra cloth on them!! My husband still teases me about that.

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