Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dogs may be a man's best friend, but daughters are a woman's best friend!  :)

I just posted about my oldest daughter moving out. I also have one daughter living "back home" in SC.  Well, better make that two --  my second oldest, Ashlyn, plus her best friend since she was eight, Bethany, who is my lovely "adopted daughter."  

Much to my delight, they drove down on Saturday, to spend the weekend with us and to help Tiffany celebrate her move to her first apartment!  Isn't that what sisters are for?  To celebrate those special times together, as well as to encourage and come along side during the hard times?

This is Bethany with her namesake!  I'm not sure who our Bethany misses more -- her Ashlyn or her Bethany?!!?  They are both so Special to her!

Here are Tiffany (24) and Ashlyn (22) enjoying a special sisterly moment!

Ashlyn helped me in the nursery Sunday morning, where we enjoyed caring for those adorable twins I told you about on Sunday's post.  Aren't they precious?? 

I really wanted to get a family picture after church while everyone was still dressed up, but somehow it just didn't happen in the busyness of getting home and trying to get Easter dinner on the table.  But, here is a picture of the two Bethanys!!  Aren't they adorable??

And some pictures of the whole family gathered around the table!

And here is a picture of Ashlyn and me, taken later in the day.

The girls didn't have much time at home, but they tried to squeeze every bit of fun they could out of the time they were here.  Sunday afternoon, they took all of the kids out for a "special time" together, and then they all played some backyard football and wiffle ball. 

I totally love this picture of the girls, looking triumphant after their miraculous tackle of Taylor!!   :)

And here are a few scenes from their wiffle ball game:

What a fun weekend!  If only I could have slowed down the clock and made it last a little longer . . .


mommyx12 said...

Your girls are so pretty. I can't believe how much they look like you. Looks like Easter Sunday was great.

tlmalcolm said...

Family time is the best time!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

It looks like you had a great weekend!! :)
It is such a blessing to have children that love each other and enjoy being together!!

Diane said...

What a great family you have. Never a dull moment I am sure.

AntfarmMom said...

Sweet pics!

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