Monday, April 19, 2010

"He Cleans Up Well"

That is something my husband is fond of saying about young (or not-so-young!) men when they are all dressed up and looking spiffy!

My son, Joe, definitely "cleans up well!"

Want to see if you agree??

The picture above was taken Friday night, when Joe and his "special friend," Abby, went to the Senior Prom.  (Their prom was not a dance, but a formal banquet, held at a local Country Club.) 

Joe is the first one of our children to attend a prom or to rent a tux, so he got a lot of curious attention around here!  :)

I took tons of pictures, but I promise to just post a few of my favorites!  This is my top choice!

The following picture is of Abby and Joe and Abby's sister, Lilly, and her date, Pete.

Here is another favorite:

It was a beautiful evening, and they had a great time!!  On Saturday, they spent the day with other students at Wild Adventures Theme Park, where they rode every roller coaster and had tons of fun!


Donna G. said...

Aw, man, if I were a girl (as in, kid), I wouldn't want to go out with your son. I wouldn't want to risk him looking better than me. =) Elizabeth, you have such a handsome family!

busymomof10 said...

Aww, Thanks Donna!! :)

tlmalcolm said...

I agree with Alan! He does clean up good!!

Jules said...

Yep, he definitely cleans up well or as we would say in our family, "he scrubs up well".

Rebecca's Refining said...

Joe is handsome! :)
I think I see a hint of "Malcolm" in him....
Reminds me of my senior banquet as we had a formal dinner followed by a trip to Cedarpoint the next day....only I didn't go with anyone special ... just a friend.
Glad he had a great time!

AntfarmMom said... sweet. What a fun time I bet he had! Also Elizabeth, I answered the comment you had about the older sons in this LWIP post I did yesterday.

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