Thursday, April 15, 2010

King of the Mountain

Do you know what happens when I spend a week rearranging, decluttering, organizing and preparing for a Yard Sale, then spend the bulk of Saturday holding the Yard Sale and hauling off the items that didn't sell, followed by two worship services and a dinner invitation on Sunday, and then top that with a busy week of school, baseball practices and games, and a pile of errands, including taking my MIL to see the doctor (for a compression fracture in her back), taking one son to get a haircut, buy new shoes, and to be fitted for a tux (more details coming soon) and stock up at Sams and  . . . . . on and on it goes?

Well, what happens is I keep shoveling dirty laundry into the washing machine, and then digging it out of the washer and throwing it into the dryer, and then depositing it into overflowing baskets in the laundry room, until we can no longer approach the washer or dryer without playing "king of the mountain."  Every day I announce to everyone and to no one in particular, "We Must fold laundry today!"  And then the next thing I know, the day is done, and the laundry isn't.

Finally, we reached a pinnacle.  With great determination, I ordered all laundry to be carried to the family room and deposited in a huge pile on the rug.  Then we all gathered around and had what we affectionately call a "Laundry Bee."  (A bee as in  "a community social gathering for the purpose of performing some task or engaging in a contest, such as; a sewing bee; a spelling bee; a husking bee.")

Amazingly, we had it all folded and into each person's basket to be put away in less than an hour.  Once again, we conquered "Mount Neverest!"


Donna G. said...

Congrats on getting the laundry folded! =)

Your kids will probably shoot me for telling you this, but I haven't done my kids' laundry since they were old enough to push a chair up to our washing machine and work the controls. At that time it became their responsibility totally.

Each kid was assigned a laundry day (or a laundry morning or afternoon, depending on how many were living at home). The laundry was to be done, down to the folding and putting away by a certain time. If not, the kid incurred my wrath--not something you'd want to incur.

We *never* have backed-up laundry. (Lest it seems like I'm bragging, I must add that laundry is about the only area of homemaking that I have under control.)

Noel said...

oh wow, that is ALOT of laundry!

Weeding the garden is a major problem because things can get so busy (I know you know about that :) before you know the garden is overrun. I really tried to keep the garden small enough that I could handle it by myself. A big garden was just too overwhelming :0

Rebecca's Refining said...

How fun!! :)
"Many hands DO make light work!"
I'm glad you are now caught least for the moment!!

Kristi Lea said...

What a good idea to get it tackled though! I have a horrible time trying to keep it done for 6 of us, I can't imagine trying to do it for your bunch! You gave me a good idea of what to do the next time I have it all clean and piled in the laundry room...!

mommyx12 said...

This is certainly a scene I can relate to. Since we've bought our second washer I'm finding the mountain actually grows bigger than it ever did before! I"m not so sure getting 2 loads done at the same time is a good thing!!

dyslexic different thinking me said...

Isn't there a song with the lyrics: "Ain't no mountain high enough . . . " Well you & your kids proved it! You conquered Mt. Laundry! WooHoo!! Now come to my house and do the same, okay? :-)

Jules said...

I can't remember the last time I consistently stayed on top of the laundry. Nowadays it might get folded and left on the spare bed but it rarely gets put away. But I can remember the mountains of laundry that always needed folding when all the boys were home and I'd have to say that I wish I'd thought of Donna G's idea back then!

Gae said...

We call our huge folding up job, when the assigned folding up person gets behind, a "folding up party."
It dosen't change how much is there just the attitude of everyone.
We quote form movies and books and sing bits and pieces of favourite hymns and songs.
That is what I love about doing it together actually.
Thanks for sharing
God Bless

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