Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrations and Catching Up

I am sorry for being MIA over here!! 

Last week was just Full to Overflowing!!!  We celebrated Mother's Day, my hubby's birthday, and our anniversary.  Then, we went to SC over the weekend to celebrate our former pastor's 80th birthday!   I also spent many hours on the computer putting together Joshua's high school transcript, designing and printing his graduation announcements, and designing and printing invitations for my parent's 50th anniversary celebration.  In addition, I took my MIL to the doctor and helped her with some errands, and accomplished a few other things that generally occupy the time of a homeschooling momma of many!  ;)

After catching up with dear friends and family this weekend, which was Wonderful, I am now home and trying to catch up around here!  I just hate that feeling of having a huge list of things that all need done at once!!  It is amazing how you can get so behind from just being out of town for three days!!  I have laundry to catch up on, many emails to wade through, the fridge to clean out and menus to plan and shop for, and of course, I want to catch up on my blog posts.  And wasn't I in the middle of a series on character or something??!??   ;)

I'll try to get caught up here by hitting a few highlights from last week!

I love this picture of me surrounded by my younger children, opening my package that came in the mail on Monday.  It contained my special Mother's Day present from the children -- the Pyramid Picture!  Did you see it??

This picture was taken Friday morning.  It shows what I saw when I walked into my bathroom --- a message on my mirror from my honey!!  Isn't he sweet and creative?!?

And here is a picture of Alan and me on our way out to dinner to celebrate 27 wonderful years of marriage!  After dinner, we went to Starbucks for coffee and uninterrupted conversation! 

Let me tell you ladies -- I have been so blessed!  No, my husband is not perfect, but he is a Faithful, Loyal, Hard-Working, Honest, Man of Integrity.  God blessed me far more than I deserved when He brought him into my life!!

Saturday morning we left for SC.  I took my camera with me -- but didn't take it out much!  I wish I had remembered to take more pictures while we were there, but I didn't.  I do have these two pictures of Bethany and Matt in front of my parent's house:

And this picture of my Dad and my daughter, Ashlyn, enjoying our delicious Sunday dinner.  My mom made Beef Burgundy, and it was scrumptious!

We got home about 3:00 Monday afternoon and hit the ground running!  As soon as we unloaded the van, Alan went to work; Taylor left for a job interview; Josh went to teach a swim lesson; and I took Matt to his last baseball game and end-of-the-season team party.  His team lost against the first place team in the second round of the play offs, so his season is over.  He had fun and learned a lot about baseball.  This picture was taken a couple weeks ago when he caught a fly ball that flew into right field and landed *unexpectedly* right into his glove!   :)  His catch made the third out, which ended a troublesome inning and contributed to his team's narrow victory by just one run!  Therefore, his coach awarded him the Game Ball!  :)


Jules said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! When my MIL first became engaged and marvelled at how God how blessed her with such a wonderful future husband, God gently reminded her that He loved her fiance as much as He loved her and that her future husband was also being blessed. I suspect the same is true for the two of you and that Alan feels incredibly blessed to have you as his lifelong companion.

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Elizabeth, you give the rest of us Moms of Many a bad name when you keep up you blog even during busy times. shame on you! :)

Thanks for continuing to read my old stale blog - and for encouraging me to update. I do so hope to make it a priority when school is out. Whoever said there is such a thing as a part-time teacher was a big fat liar.

Rebecca's Refining said...

Wow! As usual you have had an incredibly "jam-packed" weekend! :)

Congratulations to Joshua for a job well done! I think it is neat how he has had a unique combination of schooling! Plus, he has some college classes out of the way! I liked your creativity in your announcemnts.

You did a wonderful job printing the invitations! Thanks for taking that on as well!

Congratulations to you and Alan! He is truly a special guy. We have both been so fortunate...God's grace so evident...as we both could have ended up in much different circumstances! Happy Birthday to Alan too! :)

As I think of Mother's Day, to me you are such an example of the virtuous woman. I realize that none of us will ever be that "complete, and perfect, woman", but you have come very close! When I think of all you do...you run circles around me! I am quite lazy in comparrison! You have homeschooled successfully for many years now, lovingly and patiently care for your mother-in-law, diligent in anything you do, constantly busy serving others, always responding with love, ..........I am so blessed to be your sister! God has truly blessed your life and your faithfullness to Him! Such an example you are not only to me, but to all those you come in contact with! :) (need a tissue yet?) Love you!

I enjoyed the few pictures you took! You did better than I often do! I either don't take a camera at all or I take one but never use it! :) I am glad you were able to visit mom and dad, and your friends from Greenville!

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