Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Big Guy Turns Twenty!

Taylor's 20th birthday was on Wednesday, May 26.  Because he had to work all day, and Joe had to work that evening, we did not officially celebrate his birthday that day.  Instead, we planned to have a big cook out and birthday bash three days later, on Saturday . . . . but that was not to be, because on Friday, Alan's Mom passed away unexpectedly, and our world was turned upside down. 

Fortunately, we had taken the time to go out for ice cream on Taylor's birthday, as it would be quite awhile before we got back to celebrating his special day!

Here are some pictures from Tay's birthday night at Brusters:

Life got pretty crazy after that, and we were not able to squeeze in a birthday celebration for Big T until June 19th!  We invited our good friends, the D's, over for a cook-out and swim party; however, thunderstorms crashed our celebration, so we did not get to enjoy the pool, but everyone had plenty of fun anyway, as you will see from all the crazy pics!! 


Tay was excited that I made him his favorite cake -- my special cheese cake recipe!  It ended up being a hit with everyone!

Taylor took a giant breath, and nearly blew the cake out of Joe's strong hands!!!    But, don't worry  . . . he got all twenty candles with ease!   ;)

A bucket of toys for the birthday boy -- everyone knows that 20-something fellas still like toys!  ;)

And some cologne from American Eagle.

It is hard to believe that Taylor is Twenty!!   (And by this posting, one month closer to twenty-one!!!)


Rebecca's Refining said...

Happy birthday Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!

It is hard to believe that he and Amber are both 20! Too bad they couldn't celebrate this special time together...there are so many special memories of them being together through the years! :)

I loved the pics from the b-day celebrations. Everyone looks so nice....and it is NOT FAIR that Abby and her sister can eat all of that delicious food and remain soooo thin!!! :) I am glad Taylor was such a good sport about having a delayed birthday celebration. Great post!

AntfarmMom said...

happy BirthDaY!
Great pics! LOL!

Noel said...

Those candles didn't stand a chance! Happy Birthday :)

mommyx12 said...

Happy birthday. Everyone looks happy and like all had a great time!

Denise said...

What a great looking family! I knew with all your children and years of homeschooling that I wanted to follow your blog! LOL

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