Monday, June 7, 2010

Blackwater Falls

Because Parsons, WV is in the middle of nowhere with not much in the way of lodging, Alan's sister, Janet, had arranged for us to stay in cabins in Blackwater Falls State Park. She also reserved a room in the lodge for my parents.  This turned out to be perfect!  The cabins were comfortable and cozy and allowed us all to be together.  Also, the surroundings were very peaceful and calming.  There were deer everywhere, and they came right up to our cabin!  This deer let us get within three feet!

Alan and Janet had gone to Blackwater Falls many times as children, so it held special memories for them.

The children were eager to see the falls, which required descending 240 steps on a very nice boardwalk to an overlook.  Back when Mum Mum was a little girl, you could go right down to the water and play around the rocks at the bottom of the falls.  I'm not sure if Mum Mum did this or not, but I heard stories about her sister doing so.

A lot of water was rushing over the falls when we were there, thanks to all the rainfall the area had received.

Posing for pictures!

I love this picture of Bethany, Matthew and their cousin, Jason.

Big T by a big rock!  :)

Jason teaching Matt the fundamentals of rock climbing!

The thrill of making it to the TOP!  :)

It was healing to have fun together as an extended family and to build good memories even in the midst of sadness.  The next post will be about our time at the funeral home.  Even there, we mingled laughter with our tears.

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine . . ." -- Proverbs 17:22


Rebecca's Refining said...

The falls looked beautiful! I love hiking and camping! It is such a great way to enjoy and experience God's creation in a very personal and rewarding way. I'm so glad you were able to spend some time together outside of the funeral home and service. It looks like you were able to have a wonderful time together even amidst such sadness. The family pics were cute too!

Samantha said...

Makes me miss home!!

tlmalcolm said...

Timothy has fond memories of Black Water Falls!! Once when we were vacationing there with friends from NH we ventured to the falls one evening. Tim who always ran ahead of everyone on his quick legs desended the stairs two at a time. Next then we knew he was running back up the stairs with fear in his eyes. He had encountered a black bear on its way to the dumpsters for a early evening snack. Funny he stayed close by us for the rest of the visit to the falls!!:) I believe funerals and wakes (as the visiting hours are called in NH) can bring the family peace. It allows everyone to remember the good times and brings families together. But isn't it ashame that we force ourselves to attend these events but coming together with extended family isn't as easy when it is planned as a fun time with reunions and such! So, remember the Malcolm reunion is July 17th! Hope the Ours and Burlins can make it!

Donna G. said...

Beautiful scenery; beautiful family! I love the one of Bethany looking at her cousin. =)

momof6cs said...

I am sorry for the loss of your loved one. You were in some of the most beautiful country there is on this earth. Being a WV girl transplanted to the flats of Ohio your pictures are a blessing to me. I spent many a summer vacation at Canaan and Blackwater Falls. Went to school in Morgantown....Blessings to you and yours.

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