Monday, June 7, 2010

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Have you ever cried over spilled milk??

I know you're not supposed to, but I did today.

When I walked in the door at 8:30 this morning from taking the key for Tiffany's car over to the car repair shop (where it had been towed on Sunday after breaking down on the way home from church), I was greeted with an unexpected sight -- a pool of milk and blood on the kitchen floor!  Following the bloody footprints to the bathroom, I discovered the victim -- 14-year-old Chris.  Taylor, who normallly goes WHITE at the sight of blood, was caring for him and had wrapped his foot in a towel.  When he pulled the towel back to give me a peek, the sight made me reel!!

Evidently, Chris was just trying to pour some milk on his cereal, but he misjudged the counter top and banged the glass jar of milk against the granite counters, which caused the entire bottom of the jar to break off and fall on Chris's bare foot, gouging it deeply, while an entire gallon of milk went eveywhere!

I quickly assessed the situation and made arrangements for the four youngest children to ride with a friend to our church's VBS, so that I could take Christopher to get stitched up!  Taylor, being the Incredible Hulk that he is, picked up 150-pound Chris and carried him all the way through the house, down the stairs, and into the van!! 

We arrived at the pediatrician's office shortly after they opened, and Taylor carried Chris into the office and back to the procedure room.  However, when Dr. Evans took a look at the wound, he said it was too serious of a laceration for him to repair, because he thought that one of the tendons might be severed.  So, he referred us to an orthopedic doctor. 

When Dr. Mason, our orthopedic doctor, saw Christopher's injury, he remarked, "Is this the same side as your arm??  You sure know how to do it up right, buddy!!"  :)  Dr. Mason was wonderful!  He was able to find and pull together both sides of the two severed tendons and secure each one with three sutures.  Then he closed the gaping wound with eleven sutures.  Chris was very brave and is now home resting peacefully.

Now, in addition to never playing backyard football again, Chris can add pouring milk to his list of things he will never do again.    :) 


Rebecca's Refining said...

I love your picture of the milk! It looks so refreshing!

I'm so glad Chris is doing okay, and he didn't have to have surgery...again!! :)

I loved your summary of the morning...though, you didn't mention what you did first upon your return home: Did you clean up the milk and glass? Did you take care of Chris? Did you get "white" from what you saw? (I am continually amazed at the grace God gives us to handle these unexpected emergencies in our lives!)

What a trooper Taylor was in all this! I know you really needed his help...especially in carrying Chris everywhere! It is such a joy when we see our children care for one another!

Ben was texting you for me this morning as I was driving....he was quite perplexed as to how Christopher cut his foot just from a glass jar falling, so we were trying to think of the different possibilities.....thanks for filling in the details! He especially liked the picture...thanks for sharing! Burlin, Anna, and Amber all received the lovely picture too! As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words!" YOu really should have added that one to your blog too!! As well as a picture of him modeling his new stitches!! I hope he has had enough excitement for the year now!!

Amy Ellen said...

oh my!!!

Samantha said...

Wow! Glad he is okay!

Donna G. said...

Is it okay to laugh over your tragedy? Calling Taylor the Incredible Hulk, saying Chris can never pour milk again, . . . it was funny! =) I'm glad the doctor was able to put him back together again.

mommyx12 said...

Oh no, I would be crying too. That is too bad. I'm sorry for you boy!! My son Aaron who is 16 has already had a nasty encounter with both a chain saw and a log splitter. Yikes! I cry over that too. I hope your son will heal up nicely. I don't know if you remember my hubby's hand last January but the Doc. told him to apply vitamin E oil on the cut several times a day and I'm telling you, you would never know to this day that he was off work for a cut in his hand because you can't even see it.

Happy Busy Mama said...

At this rate, with Christopher's passion for avoiding harm and alertness to danger, he might only feel safe in a recliner with a remote and a bag of chips. :-)

AntfarmMom said...

Oh my! I hope he feels better soon!

busymomof10 said...


I did ALL Of the above -- turn white, help care for Chris, and try to clean up the worst of the milk, blood, and glass. I saved the rest for when we got back home! What fun that was to go home to!!!

I thought I better not post the picture or my blog might earn a PG-13 rating for graphic imagery! :)

busymomof10 said...

Happy Busy Mama,

Even sitting in a recliner holding tightly to the remote control could prove dangerous -- especially if Jonathan were in the same room also coveting remote control privileges!!! ;)

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