Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parsons, WV

Parsons is a typical, small West Virginia town, built eons ago along the Cheat River.  You get the feeling you are stepping back in time when visiting there.  Here are a few scenes from Parsons.

The funeral home looked almost too new, against the aging structures of the town.

After locating the funeral home on Tuesday evening, we searched out a place to eat supper.  There weren't many options, especially for a large crowd, so we decided on this pizzeria, which ironically, was located right next door to Alan and Janet's grandmother's house, which had long since been bulldozed.

While we waited for them to prepare a table for 17, we had fun taking pictures in the beautiful, grassy yard overlooking the river.

I loved capturing this snapshot of Ashlyn taking a picture of Tiffany!  :)

It was quite cozy and quaint inside, and we enjoyed a variety of tasty entrees from their menu, as well as some good fellowship with one another.

Joe borrowed my camera to capture the "random signage" he saw on the way to the men's room!!  :)

After we ate, this is how the guys relieved stress!!

Back at the funeral home, the family hung around outside while Janet and Alan took care of business with the funeral director.  We let the little ones run around and burn off some energy, so they would be quiet and calm once we were inside.  I loved the big porch that wrapped around the funeral home!  It was perfect for sitting and visiting, and of course, for taking pictures!  :) 

Here is a picture of "The Jonas Brothers"  . . . a.k.a, the Duane Brothers!!   :)

My parents, who are also natives of West Virginia, drove up for the funeral.  This is my Dad talking to Tiffany, shortly after he and my Mom arrived.

Then, I noticed another car pulling up.  I was surprised to see guests, since we had not advertised any visiting hours, but had just planned a private viewing for the family.  A woman got out, whom I did not immediately recognize.  Then, a man got out, whom I recognized right away as my Uncle Kenny, my mom's younger brother!!  What a surprise!!

This is my Uncle Kenny, whom I used to consider "tall," talking to my Dad, and my sons, Taylor and Joseph.

 And this is my Aunt Mary, talking to Tiffany.

Kenny and Mary live in St. Mary's, WV, just a couple hours away from Parsons.  They had heard about Mum Mum's passing from my Mom, and they just decided to drive over to the funeral home and see us!  We had not seen them in over a decade, so it was quite a surprise for us! In fact, they said the last time they had been to see me at my house was when Taylor was just a big baby!  ;)

The viewing was of course, very difficult and emotional, especially for some of the children.  There was no escaping the reality of the situation, and the real reason for our trip to Parsons, WV.


mommyx12 said...

It looks like you all are having a great trip. I love old towns like this. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Donna G. said...

Another wonderful post, Elizabeth! I particularly enjoyed seeing photos of Parsons, since I have relatives from there, too.

tlmalcolm said...

A typical WV town, once very properous now hanging on because of the people who call it home!! Great post, you captured the reality of the moment with the joy of seeing family and catching up! It was wonderful that you could bring Alan's mom home!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the WVa trip! It was great to see Nanny and Papa and Kenny and Mary! (Mary looked great!) Tell Ashlyn thanks for driving for Papa...or at least helping some anyway!

Jules said...

The pictures you've posted recently have been lovely and I imagine that by doing this trip through Mum Mum's territory that it's revived some wonderful memories for you all.

BTW, I'm just realised that you were talking 850 miles - not kilometres. Wow what a long trip! I probably wouldn't even have attempted it - especially with children.

AntfarmMom said...

Thank you for sharing your time brining Alan's moma home. Special time, sad time but also special memories for everyone.

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