Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backtracking to the Last Week of June . . .

A few weeks ago, when I still had my head above water, I was sharing about my parent's 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Remember??  After posting the slide show I put together for their reception, my life got so crazy that my blog was quickly demoted to the Things to Do When I Catch My Breath List.  Since I've now come up briefly for air, I decided to go ahead and finish blogging about my week in South Carolina that culminated with my parent's Reception.

My parents bravely hosted my sister and her family plus me and half of my family all at the same time!  That was thirteen people for the entire week, with the stragglers joining us for the weekend!!!  We spent the week catching up and enjoying each other's company, while also planning, shopping for, and putting together my parent's reception.  Instead of blogging about the fun things we did that week, I'm just going to send you over to my sister's blog and let you read her entertaining posts about our week together!

One day, Rebecca and her husband took all of the children to Sliding Rock up near Brevard, NC for a chilling adventure!   I think they should be awarded a Medal of Honor for their bravery!!  We also went swimming a couple times at my parent's community pool, and Burlin even took the kids there all by himself a time or two to give us time to plan and shop.  (Give that man a standing ovation!!)  One of the highlights of the week for me was our mother/daughter shopping trip to SAMS.  It was no ordinary SAMS run!!!  :)   Believe me, we turned a mundane shopping trip into a memorable excursion!!!!!!!   :)

Finally, the day of the reception arrived!  Despite being bed-ridden earlier in the week, my Mom was able to make the reception in her honor, and looked tired, but beautiful by my Dad's side, where she has faithfullly served these last fifty years! 

I love this picture of my parents with their pastor's son and his beautiful wife and baby.  They serve together as the Music Minister and Church Pianist, and they are a precious family!!  It was a joy to meet them!

My Mom is a very wise woman, and perhaps she was sharing a nugget of truth here -- but from the look of things, I don't think the little fellow agreed with her point of view!!  He looks a bit skeptical, doesn't he??  ;)

I was too busy during the reception to take any pictures, but someone had the inspiration to gather everyone together for a big family picture when the reception was over.  Unfortunately, Amber, my sister's oldest daughter is missing from this picture, as she was serving as a Camp Counselor in Wisconsin.  However, the rest of the family is there -- my parents and their two daughters, two sons-in-law, and fourteen of their fifteen grandchildren!   That's a pretty good return on their investment, isn't it?  ;)

Here is a closer view:

And last but not least -- a Crazy Pose!  It seems that my family feels right at home with the "Go Wild" pose, while Rebecca's family seems to be a little worried about that other side of the family!!!   ;)

After the last picture was snapped, it was time to clean up!!  If my niece sends me some of the pictures from her camera, you will see how crazy a bunch of cousins can get when cleaning up a church after a reception!  Limbo anyone???


mommyx12 said...

This is great. Happy Anniversary to this lovely couple. And many more!

Donna G. said...

What a beautiful family! Elizabeth, I didn't know you are so tiny!

tlmalcolm said...

Those pics are great and I especially love the last one!! I think you need to photoshop Amber into the pic however!! Your mom is a beautiful woman inside and out! I think she grows prettier with age. Your dad was a wise man to choose her as his bride 50 years ago:)

Rebecca's Refining said...

Good for you! You put up a post about the reception! :)
Mom looked so beautiful! It was a special time and I am so glad we could celebrate it together!

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