Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Whirlwind of a Day and Another Disappointment!

Tuesday was clouded with disappointment, as we learned that the owners of the house we loved on the island had decided not to lease their house to us.   That evening, my husband received a call from a homeowner in the same neighborhood who wanted to lease his house.  He told my husband all about his house; while my husband told him all about our family and our plans.  It sounded like a good fit for both of us.

So, yesterday, filled with anticipation, we loaded up the five younger children and took a whilrwind trip to the coast and back to check out this new possibility.  The house was a bit smaller than we what we were hoping to find  -- but after looking at it and taking some measurements, we felt we could make it work.  Plus, we really fell in love with it!  An adorable English-cottage style house, it had wide open living spaces, an incredible screened porch across the entire back of the house, and a secluded back yard in a neighborhood we loved.  And, the rental price was in our budget!

But this morning, before we could make arrangements with the owners to sign a lease, they called my husband and said they had talked it over and they had changed their minds about leasing the house!!!  (Deja-vu anyone?) They had decided they didn't want to lease to a family with so many children.  :(  Well, that is understandable, but my husband told them how many children we had and how many would be living in the house from the very start!  So, I just wish they had come to that conclusion before we spent an entire day and a tank of gas driving to the coast and back. 

big sigh

I'm sure God is closing these doors for a reason.  We choose to trust Him, even though our hearts do feel heavy with disappointment.  He knows the beginning from the end, and we don't!!  He knows what the future holds and He has a house just for us.  Don't you think?!


6blessings said...

I'm sure God has something even better in store for you.

~~Isaiah 55:8~~

Mrs.B said...

We have gone through the same thing,

will be praying that you find the perfect house!

God already knows where it is

In HIS Care,

tlmalcolm said...

A great house is just around the corner! But I'm sorry for your disappointment. You should take pictures of your beautiful home and show it to the landlords who are hestitant to rent to a large family. This might sway those worried landlords!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I certainly know and understand the emotional "rollar-coaster" that comes with looking at houses! I think as women it is so hard to live in "uncertainty"! Yet, to remember we need to trust in God's perfect will. Often we want what we think is perfect, but God knows what is best! :)
Pray that you will be able to trust and wait in the Lord for His perfect plan and time! love you!!!!

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