Monday, August 9, 2010

The Babe's Birthday!

Today was my little Bethany's birthday!  Unbelievably, she is six years old!  I let her start off her special day by sleeping in as late as she wanted, which was 10 am!  Then, Luke fixed her a bowl of her favorite cereal -- multi-grain cheerios!  (She is a reformed Golden Grahams fan!) 

I wish you could have seen her face when she first awakened to the delightful realization that her birthday had finally arrived!  She was all smiles and giggles!  And just so Sweet that everyone wanted to smother her in hugs and kisses!   :)    (Oh, to be able to bottle up such times and keep them to savor in years to come!!) 

My little tomboy-princess, who unlike her older sisters when they were her age, much prefers jeans to skirts, actually chose this denim skirt and "new" shirt to wear for her special day because she wanted to look "Cute!"  :)  She even let me brush her tangled mane into a neat ponytail!   (There is hope for her yet!!!)   :)

The plan was for her older siblings to play whatever she wanted all day -- house, doll house, store, etc.  She usually has a hard time getting anyone to play "girl" things with her, so this was to be her special day!!  However, the plan was barely underway when the phone rang . . . . yes, you've probably guessed it.  It was a realtor wanting to show the house at 3 pm!!!  (I never have been able to understand why a house that is on the market is only shown on the days that are the most inconvenient!)

So, we put all fun and games aside and spent the next three hours whipping the house into shape.  Even baked some of those cookies that I had made and froze awhile back and left them on a platter on the countertop and lit a few candles.  I just love the way it looks when my row of twelve votive candles are lit on the mantle!  I think it is so warm and welcoming!

When we left the house, I rewarded the children for their hard work with a Frosty from Wendy's!  Then we ran a couple errands and hung out at the library.   We got home all hot and sweaty, and jumped into the pool to cool off.  Bethany loved the fact that I played "sharks and minnows" with her!  Then, I came in to make her requested birthday dinner -- "chicken bones" (drumsticks!), macaroni and cheese and buttered carrots.

 While I was cooking, her Daddy called to wish her Happy Birthday.  When he asked her if she had been having a good day, she said, "NO!  I had to work!  I had to clean and clean for that realtor!"   :) 

After dinner, it was the moment every birthday girl waits for  . . . present time!  :)

I LOVE this pic of Bethany with Hannah and Chris!   It is definitely a Favorite!

I love watching brothers and sisters give their gifts to the birthday child and watch with anticipation as they open the treasure!

Bethany got some new doll house furniture for her Loving Family Doll House.  Playing doll house is something that she loves doing and the boys will often do with her.

She was given these beach toys for her upcoming time at the beach!

The grand finale was this "My Puppy and Me" -- an 18" doll holding a puppy on a leash, which she loved! 

Bethany's birthday cake . . .

She was so eager that she had all the candles blown out before we even finished singing Happy Birthday!   :)

I think it is safe to say that Bethany thoroughly enjoyed her birthday!  :)

Bethany and "Emily" -- aren't they precious?!!?   :)


tlmalcolm said...

Bethany is cute as a button...Did I ever tell you that Bethany was the girl name we had picked out for our babies which of course were both boys!! It is such a pretty name but not one of those too popular names. It's a great child's name but isn't too cutesy as they grow up. I love the name.

mommyx12 said...

Oh too precious. Bethany looks like she had a spectacular birthday. There can't be anything much sweeter than being 'the baby' in a large family.

Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

carrie_belle said...

Wow Mrs. Ours, your kids are sooo grown up!!! Bethany looks like Hannah did... and Matthew looks like Luke did!!!
I love the pics! :D

Carrie Lewis

Rebecca's Refining said...

It is hard to believe Bethany had such a "rough" beginning....she may not have wanted to "thrive" when she was a baby, but look at her now!! She is getting so grown up!

What a great birthday...she may be disappointed she had to work, but on the bright side she didn't have to wait to celebrate her day like Taylor did! :) Audrey would love that new doll! It is disappointing sometimes we don't live closer....what a joy it would be if our children could play/grow up together.....and we could cook/bake together! (Well, maybe that wouldn't be the best thing for our weight loss management!) But, our ways are not God's ways! :)

You always have a great way of making birthdays so special! You are a "creative genius" in my book! :) I hope you get a buyer for your house, and I hope Babe enjoyed her special day!

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