Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bethany as a Baby

While looking through a dresser drawer, I found this picture of Bethany as a baby and thought I'd share!  I think she was about 8 weeks old here.  Wasn't she precious??? 


Rebecca's Refining said...

At least you can remember which baby it is!! Mom asked me a couple times which child she was holding on your dvd ...... I have no idea!! If it was in the album I would know, but just randomly thrown in....I have no clue!!! :)

She is so precious! God is truly wonderful! And, I know it is a comfort to know that your "quiver" is officially FULL! :)

Thanks for sharing the memory! Love you all!!

mommyx12 said...

Oh my, look at all that hair. And now she is a blonde! My kids do the opposite, first blonde then brown! She's so cute.

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