Monday, August 2, 2010

A Fruitful Sunday

Abby went to church with us on Sunday.  When she was getting in the van, Bethany said, "Abby, you have a skirt just like mine!"    Yet, no one realized until we got out at church, that they were both wearing the exact same skirt!!  What a cute coincidence!  :) 

Pastor Pete had a great message for us from John 15. The first two verses say, "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.   Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit."  

Jesus used analogies and illustrations to explain spiritual truths to his disciples.  Pastor Pete has perfected that technique, and uses many vivid illustrations to make his sermons come to life for us.  Sunday, he developed an analogy of a peach tree to help us clearly see what this passage was talking about -- the difference between "professing branches" and "proof branches."  There are many church goers who profess to be Christians, but bear no fruit.  This seems to be very prevalent today!  However, true Christians are obvious by the fruit their lives bear. 

A peach tree that never had any peaches on it would eventually be cut down by the farmer and thrown into the fire, while a peach tree that does bear peaches, is pruned carefully by the farmer so that it bears more abundant, sweeter peaches.  The analogy is obvious.   But Pastor Pete really likes his peaches, especially in peach milk shakes from Chick-Fil-a!!  So, by the time he had finished fully developing his peach analaogy and sharing about his love of peach milk shakes, all of our mouths were watering for peaches!!!  :)

I don't know how many members of the congregation were thinking about peaches that afternoon, but our van stopped at the produce stand on our way home from church for a box of fresh, Georgia peaches!!  :)

Then, Joe had the idea of making some peach ice cream!  So, the guys got out the ice cream maker which Ashlyn had given Alan for Christmas and began opening it and putting it together, eagerly anticipating its maiden batch of ice cream!    But, there was one thing missing . . . . the directions!  We tried the internet, to no avail.  But where there is a will, there is a way!!  Finally, the boys figured out how to put the thing together and I hunted up an old vanilla ice cream recipe of my Mom's.  I mixed that up while they peeled and pitted the peaches.  I ran the peaches through the food processor and added them to my ice cream mixture, and then turned the project over to them.  I guess they figured it out, because a little while later, we had some peach ice cream . . . .and a tasty reminder of the importance of bearing fruit! 

I also tackled another project Sunday afternoon that I hope will bear fruit.  I mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I baked a couple trays, which were quickly devoured, and then froze the rest.

I hope to take a few out of the freezer and pop in the oven before a house showing to make the house smell great and to leave a little taste of home for the prospective buyers.  (Thank you Jennifer for the great idea!)


mommyx12 said...

What a wonderful Sunday. The girls are cute in their matching skirts and peach ice cream....well, I'll say no more!!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

great sermon lesson!

The food looked great! By the way...we should have made homemade ice cream at dad's!!

I have also heard fresh baked bread works great for leaving that nice aroma in your home for prospective buyers! :)

Noel said...

Love your sunday and I really appreciate the sermon, we're here on earth to bear fruit to God's glory. :)

I'm also enjoying these badly needed Georgia rains!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What beautiful girls! Yummy looking ice cream and cookies!!

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