Saturday, August 7, 2010

Have Cow Costume, Will Travel

You may think that because Cow Appreciation Day 2010 happened to fall on the Friday while we were on vacation that we missed it this year.   Think Again!  :) 

Actually, we planned ahead and packed our cow costumes so we were ready for the big day!!!   :)

We also planned our routes, so that we hit the Chick-Fil-a on the island for breakfast and then descended upon the mainland location for lunch!!!   As you know, it is very important for cows to rotate pastures!   :)

When our herd entered the restaurant, the staff clapped and cheered and rang cow bells!!!  We were not expecting such a fine celebration of our Bovinity!  (I just discovered this fine word, and I had to figure out a way to fit it in this post!!!)

We were pleased to make some good connections!  Not only did we make a bovine friend (see picture below), but the owner/operator and his wife were very attentive to us, and even more so when they discovered why we were moving to the area!  From that point on, our cups were never more than half empty -- they were always ready with a refill of sweet tea, some more dipping sauce, an extra napkin, or even an ice cream cone on the house!!!  :)  They truly made us feel like celebrities!   And  . . . they said,  if any of our kids ever needed jobs  . . . .

Who would have thought that dressing up like cows could be so much fun and so productive???


Rebecca's Refining said...

You have soooo much fun doing this every year...........wish we had a store here! :) We should start coordinating vacation times to fit around this special day!!

I'm glad you are having such a great welcome to your new community!! And if you ever need a job......I guess you have one lined up!

mommyx12 said...

How fun. I've never hears of this. And you would think living in WI that we would have something similar.

take care,

Anna Faith said...

It looks just like the on in Ky!:D

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