Sunday, August 8, 2010

July Birthdays

We celebrated two birthdays in July -- Matthew's on July 3rd and Tiffany's on July 18th. 

This is the very reason that my husband did not accomplish his goal of having a birthday (cake) in every month!  Some of the children refused to be born in their own month, and joined another child in a month where there was already a birthday!!!    Such are the disappointments of life!!   ;)

Matthew was excited about getting to celebrate his birthday at the beach!!  Of course, he gets excited about celebrating his birthday any where!  He LOVES his birthday and starts counting down the days several months in advance!!!  He was up to eight candles on his cake this year!  Here are the highlights of his celebration:

Tiffany was the first to claim July as her birthday month!  Like Matt, she always gets excited about her birthday!  :)  This year her birthday coincided with National Ice Cream Day, which pleased her very much!!!  She loves those birthday cakes from the Publix bakery, but this year her cake "nearly caught fire" with those 25 candles blazing on it -- all of which she blew out with one big breath, I might add!  :)

Happy Birthday Tiffany and Matthew!!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

I used to think it would be fun to have a child in each month of the year........fortunately God doesn't give us all of our foolish requests in life! :)

I really loved the is neat getting to see "snippets" of your family through the year instead of just when we can get together! BTW: Isn't it funny how birthday gifts change as we get older??? :)

I can't believe Tiffany is getting so old....she is catching up to me!! haha I remember crawling on the floor with her at one time!

Happy Birthday to Matthew and Tiffany...may you enjoy many more!

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