Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Day Together

Yesterday was Joe and Abby's last day together.   Joe left for the coast, so he can go ahead and start school there next week, and Abby moves to the Gator State today with her family.  It will be a hard change for both of them!  Bethany was stuck to Abby all day like peanut butter on bread, so she insisted in being in this picture of Joe and Abby!

Then, Matt saw his chance to jump into the picture too!

And then Luke joined in!

So Luke's best friend, Jase, jumped into the picture too!  (He's practically a member of the family anyway!)  :) 

Finally, Chris squeezed into the picture just in time for a Silly Pose!  :) 

Then the silliness was replaced with tears, as the time for parting drew near.

Just one more hug . . .

Tay and Joe consult the directions from Dad, but find Tay's scrawled out notes a bit hard to decipher!!

And then they coudn't put it off any longer; the guys had to get on the road!  :( 

Abby spent the evening hanging out with us.  We watched a fun, light-hearted family movie and ate ice cream!   How else do you cheer yourself up when sad?!  :)   Then, Tiffany came over after her Orientation, feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted after a very stressful week of getting ready for school to start back today.  I was so impressed by how quickly Abby gathered the children together and implemented a plan for encouraging and blessing Tiffany!  That is the foolproof way for cheering yourself up when feeling down -- look for ways to encourage and bless someone else!!!  It works every time! 

We're sure going to miss you, Abby!


Rebecca's Refining said...

It is so hard when God places people in our lives, only to remove them later! I guess it is a good reminder to always have a good testimony, and love and encourage others when we can!

Abby seems like a true gem. I know she has been a blessing to your family! I know that long distance relationships are difficult, but as we prove...they are not impossible! And, "absence makes the heart grow stronger"!

Noel said...

I married my long distance relationship :) I remember how hard it was to be away. Hope you're having a good end to your summer. Sure looking forward to some cooler weather!

Vickie said...

My parents relocated due to a job 6 months after we began dating. He came and got me after school was out and we've been together ever since. That was more than 32 years ago :) Long distance for awhile....together forever. If it is meant to be, it will happen by God's grace and time.

God's Blessings

Jules said...

Oh Elizabeth, I know that this has been hard on the family and that you're probably hurting for your son and his friend right now as well as everything else that's happening. I don't have a successful long-distance story of my own (mine ended and I met DH soon after so perhaps it is a happy ending after all) but I have had two sons involved in long distance relationships which both resulted in marriage and the third son has just embarked on a long-distance relationship after much prayer and discussions with his brothers and us. I think I'm finding it harder as the mother of a son involved in a long-distance romance because I hurt for him but can't do anything than I did when I was the one in a similar situation (if that makes sense). I just keep telling my sons - and myself - that if this is the girl God has set aside for them then it will all work out - in His time.

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