Friday, August 6, 2010

Multi-Tasking Vacation!

Everyone knows that the only way moms of many survive is by multi-tasking!  Therefore, it should come as no surprise, that we took a multi-tasking vacation this year!

We spent the first week of July at the Georgia coast, where we enjoyed a family vacation at the beach, while also spending time checking out our new community and looking for a house to rent.  Alan even attended a staff meeting and met some of his new employees.

We stayed in the most incredible beach house you've ever seen!  It was decorated in Americana style, which was unbelievably perfect since we were there during the 4th of July.   Here are some pictures of the house:

The house had a huge, family-friendly kitchen!


Don't you love this cozy family room??

Gotta love the signage!

This spiral staircase led to the loft and  . . . .

The coziest of reading corners!

The house also had an inviting backyard!

It was an absolutely perfect beach house!   A short walk down this path . . .

took us to this view!


About a mile away was the public beach access, where we enjoyed some Beautiful Days playing in the sand and surf!

During the week, we enjoyed fireworks on the beach . . . .

Going out for dinner at Gnats Landing . . .

And of course, going out for ice cream!!  :)

We had fun together and enjoyed checking out some of the interesting places of the community where we will soon call HOME!  :)


Telling Ashlyn Good-bye was HARD!

Especially for "the Babe!!"

Time went by so fast, and soon our week of vacation/house hunting/checking out our new area was over.


Jules said...

It's cold and wet here but reading your blog has made me feel warm again! However if you get too warm you can always check out the frost pics on my blog!

Sounds as if you had a lovely family vacation. It's always a little sad when it's over especially when family members have to go separate ways.

Donna G. said...

Elizabeth, these are GREAT photos! I always enjoy seeing other people's beaches. What do you mean when you say the public access was 1/2 mile away? Couldn't you use the beach at the end of the path?

busymomof10 said...


If you look closely in the first beach picture, the edge of the ocean was lined with rocks. I assumed it was because you weren't supposed to swim there. I was later told by a "local" that at least one "yankee" drowned there every summer. Apparently, that section has a very strong undercurrent where a river runs into the ocean. So, that is why we went to the public beach, where there were TONS of other beach goers and also a life guard on duty!

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a neat looking house! I know that we were just together, but you could have invited us to help you house hunt, or entertain the children, or cook, or clean....... or something!! :)

I hope you enjoy your new location! I know this is a new "season" for you with leaving Ashlyn and Tiffany behind, but I know God will bestow blessing and comfort!

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