Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Real Treat!

I now know for a fact that Bloggers are Real People!  :) 

That's because on Saturday I had the Privilege of meeting one of my favorite bloggers   --   Michelle from She Looketh Well!!!

photo swiped from Michelle's blog!

Michelle and her husband are in Georgia for a conference this week, and by driving just two hours north, I was able to meet Michelle and hug her neck!!  Then I introduced her to one of those eateries that us southerners like frequenting -- Zaxbys, where the three of us enjoyed their House Zalad with grilled chicken, well seasoned with Christian fellowship.  We spent about two hours together . . . and it felt like twenty minutes!!

Isn't it amazing how you can meet some people and feel an immediate connection??  Michelle and Brian are very friendly and open, down to earth, and yet heavenly minded!   It was a joy to meet them!

And just in case you wondered, Michelle is just as sweet and precious  . . . . and beautiful . . . in person as she appears on her blog!

1 comment:

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a neat treat for you!!!!!!!
I'm so excited for you that you have made a new and precious friend in Christ via the blogging world!

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