Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good-byes and Goals

Lori and her family left on Thursday to visit her daughter in Charleston.  So, we all gathered outside to say good-bye and take our annual good-bye pictures.

Matt took this picture!  :)  He did a surprisingly good job!

Mary took this shot.

Lori and I are so much alike -- idealistic with high expectations for ourselves and our families.  In the spirit of realism, we set a low goal for next year -- to buy ourselves new bathing suits just one size smaller, or at the very minimum, in the same size and NOT a size bigger!!   :)  

Saying good-bye is hard, when we know we may not see each other for a full year . . . so we have another goal -- to sneak in a visit either at Lori's house in the mountains . . . or at my new house on the coast. 

Bethany hated to tell Mary good-bye! 


Samantha said...

I say you can do better than one size smaller! Dream big! I am doing "Stick With It Sunday" every week over at my blog, come join me!

Rebecca's Refining said...

My flesh likes the idea of "lowering expecttations"...but it probably isn't the best way to get our desired results! :)

I have one question for you: Are you that sad about only seeing me once a year? (JK!) LOL!

I hope you had a great visit, and I know you look forward to your next annual trip to Hilton Head together!

Happy Busy Mama said...

Three cheers for next year!!! As crazy as it sounds, "low" expectations are actually victory for a crazy woman like me, lol I tend to be the crash or burn, all or nothing type. Isn't it interesting how different everyone is. Elizabeth and I have set much higher goals for our bathing suit size for the last three years, and it seemed (at least for me) that I went in the opposite direction, so this year we are trying the opposite with low expectations. ;-)

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