Friday, October 8, 2010

Creating a Place of Beauty

With every room of my house currenty decorated in "contemporary cardboard," I decided I needed one area that was pretty and peaceful to retreat to.  I chose to create a place of beauty in my foyer, since it was already box-free.  With a small investment of time and money, I created a seasonal table in my entry way that welcomes me each time I come in the door and provides an oasis in the midst of the clutter.  It inspires me to keep working my way through the house, until every room can be a place of beauty and order.

Note to friend, Donna G., yes that is Candy Corn you see on the table!!!  :)


Donna G. said...

Well, duh! Do you think I didn't spot that candy corn instantly? That is so sweet of you, Elizabeth, to have it out for me, but I really can't come over right now. Carter and Kate are on their way here from Memphis. So, if you would just bag it up and send it to me in the mail, that would be great. Thanks!

PS. It is Brach's, isn't it? Even we candy corn aficionados have our standards.

mommyx12 said...

What a great idea. It's tough when all you see around you are those ugly boxes that keep screaming to be unloaded!!


Samantha said...

"Contemporary cardboard"! *Snort* I love candy corn, but am behaving myself!

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