Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 2 of Our Moving Adventure

Tuesday morning, the movers once again arrived bright and early ready to work!  They were an impressive bunch -- courteous, respectful, hard working, efficient, and careful (which is exactly the opposite of the movers we endured when we moved from SC to GA four years ago!!!)  Unbelievably, they not only finished packing up everything in the house and the cottage, but also loaded it all on the trucks that day, too!  They were definitely the best movers we have ever had!  (Thank you God!)

I actually had more time on my hands that day (but no internet, or I would have blogged!).  I sat on the porch (out of the way!) and watched the action, while reading  my Bible and praying for Tiffany, who is really struggling with the reality that her whole family is moving away. :(  (Please pray for her, if the she comes to mind!)  I also had several phone calls, a visit from a neighbor and a visit from our pastor.  These things helped that long day pass a bit more quickly.

Soon it was supper time again!  This night we descended upon Applebees for a delicious feast!!  Then, we went to a motel for a good night's rest.  Unfortunately, the first two places I checked were Full, and no one had any suites left, so we all squeezed into a regular room with two queens and a roll away.  It was definitely "cozy!"   :)


Kristi Lea said...

How wonderful to have so much help! When we moved to Georgia 3 years ago, it was just hubby and I packing everything up and loading up the Penske truck by ourselves. I do hope everything makes it to your new home in the same amount of pieces it left your old house in!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I'm so glad you had such nice, experienced, thoughtful movers! Such a blessing after what happened last time! :)

It is so neat you were able to find a "quiet" spot on your porch to get some Spiritual renewal and refreshment! What a blessing!

I have been thinking of Tiffany. You will have to send me her address. I found something for her the other day...just something small, but it made me think of her, and I thought it might cheer her up a little!

Enjoy your move, and your new home!

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