Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 4 of Our Moving Adventure

Thursday morning while we were enjoying our Complimentary Carb-lovers Breakfast at the motel, Luke's best friend, Jase, dropped by on his way to school to tell him good-bye.  Jase has been a wonderful friend for Luke, and it was sad to tell him good-bye.  I know that he and Luke will really miss each other!  We will all miss Jase, as he was just like a member of our family!

This is Jase's mom -- Ms. Sabra, Jase and Luke.

All too soon, the moment we had been dreading arrived -- the time when we had to tell Tiffany good-bye.  Bethany is having a hard time understanding why her Tiffany and her Ashlyn can't move with us . . .

A group hug -- with everyone putting on their saddest faces (in a feeble attempt to keep their Real Sadness at bay.)

After Tiffany left for school, we packed up and went back to the house one more time to finish cleaning the kitchen and make sure everything was clean and ready to leave.  Then, after a couple errands, we were on our way!! 

Headed to the Coast . . . and no looking back!!!!

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Kristi Lea said...

Oh, you can see the real sadness on Bethany's face...poor thing. I do hope some wonderful fun and exciting adventures at her new home can cheer her up! Hopefully, she'll be too busy to think about it!

I remember having to say goodbye to my brother when I moved out of the house, and then again when he and my parents moved to Arizona. He is seven years younger than me. It was soooo hard. :(

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