Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 5 of Our Moving Adventure

On Thursday, while we were tying up loose ends in Albany and making the drive over to the coast, the movers were busy unloading the truck at our new house.  So, by the time we arrived that evening, the movers were gone and the house was FULL of oddly placed furniture and OVERFLOWING with boxes!!  After taking a look around, we set to work unloading the van, rearranging furniture and unpacking a few boxes.

It felt odd to sleep in my own bed in a strange room, but I was so tired that I eventually fell into a deep sleep.  Thank God for rest and refreshment!

Friday was a new day in our new house!  I awoke full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for unpacking boxes and getting settled into our new house.  Here are some pictures of us attacking the cardboard jungle.

Friday was also Christopher's 15th birthday.  Unfortunately, there was no birthday cake or candles, no presents, no making him feel special.  Just lots of chaos and lots of work!!   Poor Chris!  But we did go to an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet for supper -- so, atleast he got a good meal for his birthday!!!  :) 

Once we got our wireless working, I took time to order him a present  . . . a new game -- Axis and Allies Europe 1940.  He and Luke have both been wanting that game, so it has created a lot of excitement around here!  They have a big game going in their room . . . maybe I should go up and take a picture.


Here are two pictures of the birthday boy!

And the moving adventure continues . . . .


Rebecca's Refining said...

I love that paint in contrast to the white cabinets in your kitchen! :) I find it so exciting to settle into a new place! I wish I could enjoy it with you!!

Tell Christopher happy birthday! I don't know anything about his game, but I hope he enjoys it! I'm sure he enjoyed his special dinner out for seafood. It is great your children are so have had a lot of belated birthday celebrations this year! :)

Kristi Lea said...

Me too, me too...I LOVE that red with the white! The best part about moving, is getting to unpack and decorate a new home! I hope things are going well!

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