Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Sister!

Today is a special day -- it is my sister's birthday!!  I want to encourage you to drop by her place on the web and pay her a visit today!  She has a sweet blog called Rebecca's Refining, where she shares about her family and the life they share together, as well as sharing about the way God is working in her life, refining her to become more like Jesus.  While you're there, why not leave her a comment?!  I'd love to shower her with comments today for her birthday!!

It's funny how we are closer today than ever before, even though we live more than a day's drive apart.  We have Blogger, Facebook and Gmail chat to thank for that!  ;)  It really helps us to be involved in each other's lives, and we look forward to our daily chats!  :)

Last year I posted a video of the Andrews sisters singing, "Sisters" from the classic movie "White Christmas" for my sister's birthday tribute.  This year, I'm posting the men's version of the same song!  I just love Bing Crosby, and I never grow tired of watching his hilarious rendition of this song!  Enjoy! 



Rebecca's Refining said...

Wow! What to say! Too funny! :)

Thanks for the sweet words. You are a very special sister. God is so good! He has worked in both of our lives, so that we are able to enjoy a loving and close relationship, even though the many miles separate us!

You have been such an encouragement to me through the years...your hard work, discipline, devotion to God and family, spiritual insights....I know that no one is perfect, but you come close in my eyes! :)

I enjoy getting to work through issues together, as our minds seem to "mesh" a lot! It is also a great comfort that I can go to my OLDER (yet, somehow younger looking!) sister and get Godly wisdom, advice, or prayer when needed!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! My greatest gift is having you for a sister! love you!

Donna G. said...

We love the guys' version of that song! My guys would do it when they were younger. They are too old and cool now. =)

Noel said...

hahaha, I laugh just thinking about that clip :D
Thanks for sharing!

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