Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eleven Reasons for Unpacking a Few More Boxes!

When my friend Trisch, who is from rural Indiana, mentioned taking an extended road trip with her family that would encompass several of the north and southeastern states, I offered for her to stay at our house in Albany, GA.  This was especially appropriate since her daughters wanted to visit Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, because they are huge fans of the movies produced by Sherwood Pictures.  However, by the time all of our plans came together, our paths ended up intersecting on the Georgia coast, just one week after we moved into our new house!!!  :o

When you have house guests, you naturally want your home to be neat and clean and to be able to make things extra special and welcoming.  Well, so much for that!  We barely had the kitchen operational, only one picture on the wall, and many boxes still adorning our house!  That is not exactly what you hope for with a family of eleven coming to stay for the night!!!!

But, years ago we learned the IBLP definition of Hospitality -- "cheerfully sharing food, shelter, and spritual refreshment with those whom God brings into my life."  While entertaining seeks to impress; hospitality seeks to bless!~  So, I was given a perfect opportunity to focus on true hospitality!!

While I have known Trisch for over twelve years, I have only talked to her face to face a couple times at a homeschool conference we both attended annually.  We "met" through an ATI mom's email loop, and have kept in touch through email all these years.  But, I had never met her family . . . . so, it was a delight to get to see Trisch and meet Dallas and their nine children!

I hope you enjoy these pictures taken during their short visit at our house:

Before they left, they sang a couple songs for us -- a fun song and a serious song -- both in perfect harmony!

To read more about their adventures on the road or at home on the farm, check out Trisch's edifying blog -  Never a Dull Moment or her daughters' delightful blog - Seven Sisters.


Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you had a fun time of fellowship! They look like a neat family...and she must be very good at sewing! :)

Thanks for the reminder about what true hospitality is......I think I need to work at being a better blessing to others!

tlmalcolm said...

If we wait until everything is in order in our houses to have guests we might never do it and miss out on some great opportunities!! Good for you for opening your door to your friends even though much had changed in the months since you made the plan! And it does often take the motivation of guests to get us moving doesn't it???

Trisch said...

Elizabeth, thank you SO much for your "hospitality"! We really appreciated your willingness to open your home so soon after your move!

I guess you could have had us help unpack boxes while we were there! LOL! It was such a joy--just wish we could have stayed longer!

HUGS to you!


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