Monday, October 11, 2010

What it Takes to Get the Kitchen Unpacked and into Operation!

There is nothing like knowing that you have houseguests coming for the night to push your unpacking efforts into high gear!!!! 

Alan and Taylor installed shelves in my pantry on Saturday, and on Sunday we made an epic trip to SAMS Club for a major restocking!  Then, I spent Sunday afternoon putting away all the food we purchased and organizing my pantry.  However, the kitchen was still a Huge Mess!  So, Chris and Hannah helped me unpack a few more boxes of kitchen stuff while I washed dishes and Cleaned and Organized . . . . and this is the fruit of our efforts!!!

Once the kitchen was operational, Hannah made a big pan of brownies and I put on a pot of decaf coffee, so we would have a snack to offer Trisch and her family when they arrived at 10 pm . . . .  Then we set to work trying to figure out how to bed down 11 people for the night!!!!!!   (Check back tomorrow for that story!!)

Even though there are still plenty of boxes to unpack and places to organize, it is amazing how much better your house feels once you have the kitchen ~ the heart of the home ~ in order!!!   I guess I have Trisch to thank for giving me the push I needed to make that happen!!  And now, much to my family's delight, I'm going to go put on my apron and light my pumpkin spice candle, and make dinner for the first time in my new kitchen!  (happy sigh . . .)


Mrs. White said...

It looks cozy and inviting!!

Love the brownies!

Mrs. White

Rebecca's Refining said...

Love your kitchen! It is so nice and cheery! And now that it has is even a better place to be!

Karen said...

I am so impressed! Moving is one of my least favorite things to do and unpacking is about my least favorite! Your kitchen looks great!


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