Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating for Christmas -- Family Style!

Saturday morning we set about to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house for Christmas.  We couldn't do this without Tiffany -- who loves all things Christmas, and tries to convince all of us to do the same!!  :)  She not only sets the mood, but sets a plan in motion!!!

After Alan and Joe got the tree on its feet, it was time to start decorating.

Each child hung up their own ornament collection.

Then Joe put together a team and started "decking the halls!"

Before long, our house was looking very festive!!  Yep, Tiffany did it once again!!!  :)  She motivated everyone to work together and transform our house into a Christmas Cottage!  :)


Rebecca's Refining said...

How exciting!
I forgot all about your decorative vests from last year! :)
How sad Tiffany took the piano to her apartment, as it would be wonderful to hear her play Christmas Carols!

It doesn't take long for us to decorate, as I don't have many decorations! Every year I plan to take advantage of the "after-Christmas" sales, but then decide not to "waste" the money as we survived fine without the extra! I am "hit" with birthdays immediately following Christmas, so I really can't spare the extra spending anyway!

I am impressed you have been able to keep the ornaments separated so each child can hang his/her own! Mine tend to get all "lumped" together! We just work together to hang them up, but enjoy remembering a special memory from time to time!

Donna G. said...

Love that sweater vest with the ornaments hanging off! =) Our tree and all our decorations in the house are done by bedtime on Thanksgiving. Except for this year. =(

Diane said...

Everything looks beautiful. Love decorating for Christmas.

Samantha said...

Fun! We only have the tree up so far!

Kristi Lea said...

That first picture with Tiffany looks like it belongs in a magazine article! You can see the joy and excitement in her face! I'm glad you are working as a family to make your new home festive!

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