Monday, November 1, 2010

It Was a Wonderful Weekend!

We had such an incredible weekend here!!! 

During the day on Friday, the children worked on their school work and chores, while I cleaned and cooked and squealed occasionally in anticipation!  :)

I was very busy in the kitchen!  I've already told you about my Brunswick Stew and my pound cake, but  I also made Pumpkin Bread and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins.

Pumpkin Bread was my dear MIL's specialty, and none of us have ever been able to make it quite as good as she did, even though we've all tried.  My Dad's attempt came "close," but there was one problem -- he forgot to put in the can of pumpkin!!!!   :D

These chocolate chip pumpkin muffins are a Fall Favorite for my family!!  If the combination seems weird to you -- it did to me too, until I tasted these delicious muffins!  Believe me, it was love at first bite!!!   :)

If you'd like these recipes, just let me know.  (I'm feeling a bit too lazy to type them in at the moment!)

Anyway, about my weekend . . .

Friday evening, Luke's best friend -- Jase -- and his Dad, Mr. Jay, arrived from Albany.  They were headed to the Big Georgia/Florida football game on Saturday, and we offered them our house as a B&B.  Right after we gave them the tour of the house, our next "guest" from Albany arrived -- our own dear Tiffany!!!!  :)  So, we gave her the grand tour, too!!  She had never seen our new house, and it was so much fun showing her around!!!  She loved everything and threatened more than once to stay here and never leave, which was even more tempting when sweet little Bethany wrapped her arms around her and said, "Don't leave Tiffany!  Move to this house with us!"  (Little ones do excel at pulling at the already stretched heart strings!!!!!)

We had a great evening of delicious food and lively conversation!  Finally, at midnight, we ushered all the kids to bed and welcomed the quietness of night and the comfort of our beds.

The next morning I was determined to send the Bulldog fans off to the game with full bellies.  Plus, every B&B worth its salt serves a bountiful breakfast, right??  So, I scurried around the kitchen and with some expert help from Tiffany, soon served up a tantalizing breakfast of eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits, and coffee, which was eaten around our new table.  Doesn't this look cozy??? 

After breakfast, Alan gave Jay a short tour of our town while Jase and Luke savored their last moments to play together, and then Jay and Jase headed to Jacksonville for the Biggest Game of the Year (if you are a Georgia or Florida fan!).  We politely wished Georgia good luck in the game  . . . but, well . . . T-shirts speak louder than words, don't you think???   ;)

Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out with Tiffany, cooking together in the kitchen (I'm just Loving my new kitchen!!), watching the Big Game, and running a couple errands.  Tiffany had some school work to do (she's trying to finish up her Masters in Teaching.), which she worked on at the table while I worked in the kitchen.  Doesn't she look cute???

For dinner, I served a family favorite -- Cheeseburger Soup and Tiffany whipped up some Garlic Cheese Biscuits to go with it!  Taylor's girlfriend, Hillary, had joined the fun by this time, so here is a picture of everyone enjoying the meal around my new table.  (Yes, I am Loving my new table!!!)  :)

Cheeseburger Soup is The Best stuff ever!!!!

Later that night, our next weekend "guest" arrived!!!  Ashlyn!!!!  (Do you know how awesome it is for an old mother hen to have all of her chicks in the nest once again??????)

Of course, the first order of business was to give her the grand tour!  The boys wanted her to see their bedroom and to tell her how they helped paint it.  But Bethany couldn't wait for Ashlyn to see her room!!

So, next stop was the girls' room!!  Hannah and Bethany are proud of their new room and were so eager to show it to Ashlyn and acquire her stamp of approval on their new comforters, choice of paint color, and furniture arrangement!!  (Can you tell that everyone was trying to talk to her at once??)

Sunday was church with the whole family together, filling up an entire pew!!!  :)  Then a big Sunday dinner and then we went ahead and drew names for the children's annual Christmas gift exchange.  They normally do that at Thanksgiving, but Ashlyn won't be able to come home then, so this was a perfect time when Everyone was together!!  The strangest thing happened too -- for the first time in our family history of drawing names, no one drew their own name and we didn't have to put all the names back into the box and draw again!!!!  Here is a picture of Matt selecting a name from the box.

Sunday afternoon meant "chilling" together . . .

Tiffany put it off as long as she could, but finally had to take Sofi and head back to Albany.  However, we get to keep Ashlyn for another whole day!~!~!   :)


Jessica said...

You have such a beautiful family! I am sure it was nice to have your older girls home for the weekend and looks like the younger bunch enjoyed having them around too!

Cheeseburger soup sounds ... interesting :) I would be interested in that recipe. :)

Have a good day!

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great weekend!! I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time of fellowship and eating! :)

Everything looked delicious...I can't wait to visit you and enjoy some of this good food!! You do need to share some recipes with me..if you don't post them, then maybe an email? Thanks!

I rejoice in your excitement over your new house and kitchen! Enjoy this gift from God! :)

Rebecca's Refining said...

BTW, Tiffany and Ashlyn are so beautiful! :) Cute pic of TIffany in her hat and "screams" Anna too! LOL

Also, that is toooo funny about dad making pumpkin bread....though I must admit, I have done things like that too! :)

Liz said...

I was just introduced to your blog. I'd love to have the recipes for both the muffins & soup! :)

Debbie said...

Wow, you are an inspiring women. You really love to cook for your family.
I would love to have your pumpkin bread and choc chip muffin recipe!

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