Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Good News

Early one starry Bethlehem morn,
Jesus, our blessed Savior was born.
Mary, his mother, and Joseph, his "dad,"
Knelt there beside him, joyful and glad.

Angels, the Savior's birth did proclaim;
Someday on earth as King He would reign.
Shepherds responded with rejoicing and fear,
When they heard the Messiah was here.

Wise men, by the heavens were told;
Brought him frankincense, myrrh, and gold.
Herod, enraged at the birth foretold,
Killed every boy under two years old.

Rulers rich and peasants poor
lived their lives just as before.
Blind to God here on earth;
Expected a more kingly birth.

News of Jesus' birth now old;
Over and over the story is told.
As you hear the story again,
Will you make room in your heart for Him?

written by Tiffany, 11 years old, December 1996

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