Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Moving Adventure -- Act 2, Scene 1

As you know, our summer and fall were consumed with different aspects of our Grand Moving Adventure!  On October 1st, we officially relocated to the Georgia coast from southwest Georgia.  Since that time, we have been living without our family room and dining room furniture, as we left those items in our Albany house.  The idea was that by leaving our front porch, foyer, family room, and dining room fully furnished and decorated, our home would look "cozy" and "lived in" when prospective buyers entered the house, which would hopefully make our house show better.

I guess it worked!  No, we did not sell our house -- but we do have a signed lease!  In this real estate market, that seems to be the best you can hope for!  The family that will be renting our house has a house to sell in Florida.  We are renting this house because we have a house to sell in Albany.  The owners of our house are renting in their new location, because they need to sell this house.  And so it continues in both directions.  It seems to be an endless cycle, and I'm afraid it will take a miracle to break the vicious cycle and allow the housing industry to rebound and give families the freedom to once again buy and sell their homes.

Anyway, with our renters moving in the week between Christmas and New Years, we needed to get our stuff out of the house.  So, Alan went to Albany this past weekend and packed up all of our remaining belongings and moved them here.  Our sons had to work this weekend and couldn't go along, but Taylor rounded up some of his friends in Albany to help Alan load the truck, and then our guys were available here to help unload the truck on Sunday.  So, after a bit of an intermission, our moving adventure continues!

This past week I cleaned and painted the dining room and got ready for the arrival of the rest of our furniture.  Unfortunately, I ran out of paint and realized that the walls needed touched up in places.  So, I went out on Saturday morning and bought a new can of paint in the same color.  Joe rolled that on for me Saturday morning, touching up the places where the peach paint still peeked through.  Remember that peach room?

Well, we thought the room was painted and ready to go, and then Sunday morning, I suddenly noticed with great dismay that I could see every single place where Joe had rolled paint on the day before, and that apparently the new gallon of paint was just a smidge lighter than the original color!!!!  :(  So, Joe and I hurriedly tried to put up another coat of paint on the entire room before Alan arrived to unload the truck!!! 

This is what the dining room looked like when we finished.  The paint color is Outerbanks (Sherwin Williams.)

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of this room with the furniture in it, pictures on the walls, etc.

For now, I am going to post a few more scenes from Sunday.  The day started off rainy, but as you can see, the sun came out and except for a cold, blustery wind, it was a beautiful day.

Boxes, boxes, boxes . . . Again!

We are blessed to have three, big, strong sons to do the grunt work!

My dining room table is very unique.  I bought it through Ebay shortly after we moved to Albany with an inheritance from my grandfather.  It is a 126" solid Mahogany banquet table, with two 24" leaves that expand its length to an impressive 174"!!  One of its unique features is that the table top has square openings on the underside that are precisely cut to fit over the pedestals.  So, Alan and Tay had to hold up the table, while Josh and Joe crawled underneath and tried to perfectly line up all three pedestals!  This was a great exercise in patience and precision!

Finally, the table was all set up!!!

Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!


Samantha said...

Gorgeous table! Glad you were at least able to lease. My grandmother's home seems to be finally selling this month. it has been 2+ years since her passing, and the area her home is in is very desirable. The market is just so bad right now. Other deals fell through because of no financing available.

Noel said...

Love the dining room color! and so glad for you about the lease, it is a really tough time to be changing homes. You've done so well!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looking Beautiful!!!!!!

I was just thinking....how many times have you had to pack, unpack, and haul furniture through the years.....not to mention painting?

You are doing a great job, and with all your experience you have become a great interior decorator! (I guess that is my problem....not enough moves, or money to practice!)

tlmalcolm said...

I'm glad you were able to lease your house. The market is bad every where it seems especially in the high end homes. I read somewhere that until young people in their mid to late 20's start buying homes the market will not improve. But this age can't buy homes because of high student loan rates and a poor job market. I hope it improves in 2011.

busymomof10 said...

Thank you for the nice comments. I love my table too -- in fact, I forgot how beautiful it was until I saw it again on Sunday! Normally, I keep it covered with a protective table pad, table cloth, and placemats . . . so I don't get to enjoy the beauty of the mahogany! Maybe someday . . .

Terri, what we are hearing from our realtors on both ends is that the mortgage industry is the problem. Even people with impeccable credit are having a hard time getting loans. I hear over and over that people are getting contracts on their houses . . . . only they fall through because they can't get financing. Actually, didn't that happen to Barb?? So, I believe that until the lending institutions lighten up a bit on their restrictions, we won't see an improvement in the housing industry.

Anyway, we are So Grateful to the Lord for providing a renter!!

tlmalcolm said...

In the northeast no one is even shopping for homes. I know of people who have not had one person even view their home while it was on the market. It is a combination of many things. But around here it seems to be job security is keeping people from buying. I know several "young" people who have bought starter homes in the past year without a hitch using FHA loans but those only work for the first time homeowner in a lower income bracket. And I love your table!!

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