Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

We had such a wonderful weekend!  My parents drove down to see us on Friday, and it was so fun showing them around our new house and our new community!  Alan is great at giving the Grand Tour and knowing lots of interesting facts about the area to share with others.  

Friday night, My Dad went with Alan to Joe's basketball game, and helped cheer his team to an exciting victory in Overtime!  I stayed home and enjoyed a quiet evening spending precious time with my Mom.

Unfortunately, it was rainy and dreary on Saturday, but we were cozy inside.  Mom played many rounds of "Go Fish" with the children, while my Dad helped Alan and the boys run a few errands.  One stop was to the barber shop, where they all got much-needed haircuts.  This was the first time my boys have gone to a barber shop in our new community, and the lady who cut Matt's hair was enjoying his cute chatter.  When she learned how many brothers and sisters he had, she was quite shocked!  Then, she was even more shocked when he told her, "I am the only 'Legit' one!"  When she stopped laughing enough to speak, she asked him if he knew what that meant.  He said, "It means I'm the Cool one!!"    :D   We are Still laughing everytime we think of that!!! 

Saturday evening, we enjoyed our first meal here at our dining room table!  (It is so nice to finally have all of our furniture here!!)  I made this yummy Italian Sausage Soup, tossed salad and garlic bread.  It was a very satisfying meal!

I also made this cake, using a recipe my Mom shared with me.  Isn't it pretty??

Saturday evening, we watched a wonderful family movie, called The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, which my Mom brought for us to enjoy together.   Have any of you seen this movie??  It has a great message, and has already borne good fruit in my children's lives!  I highly recommend it!! 

Sunday, my parents went to church with us, which was a blessing all around!  After a big Sunday dinner, we had a cozy afternoon.  Then, exchanged Christmas gifts with my parents.

After that, we watched The Nativity Story, which is an awesome movie! The thing I love about this movie, is it really helps the account of Jesus' birth come alive.  It helped me understand what it was really like for Mary and Joseph to be the earthly parents of Jesus.  We tend to think of the honor it was for Mary to carry the Messiah in her womb, and forget about the shame and hardship she endured.  Her plans and dreams for her life were shattered, and she willingly embraced the mysterious plan God had for her.  And what of Joseph?  What courage it took for him to take Mary, already pregnant, as his wife and sacrificially care for her and the baby, which was not his own.  And have you ever thought of how difficult and painful it must have been for Mary, a young woman who had never known a man, to give birth??  She had none of the comfort measures we have come to rely on in childbirth, not even a midwife, and yet gave birth to her first baby -- her Savior and ours in a smelly stable!   I encourage you to watch this movie and look at the nativity story with new eyes.

Anyway, the time with my parents flew by, and before we were ready, they were headed back to South Carolina.  Hopefully, they will feel up to making another trip down here some time in the near future.


Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Mom looked great...and I am sure she was getting tired! Those few days at the beach must have been healing to her bones! :)

The food looked usual! I will have to print off the recipes, and give them a try.

BTW, The house looks beautiful!

tlmalcolm said...

Wonderful to see you mom and dad. They look great!! I miss them! And that cake looks yummy!!

Rebecca's Refining said...

where is the cake recipe???

tlmalcolm said...

Wondering the same thing...where's that cake recipe??

MamaAnt said...

What fun!
I know I have said it before, but you look just like your moma!


Greg and Donna said...

The Nativity Story is my favorite also. Gabriels coming to Mary, Joseph & the shepherds are great scenes. Merry Christmas!

The Mayo Family said...

Fimally found you once again!
I got 'thrown' off line and lost my list of
I am not to good at re-fixing all of this Praise God I am back & ran across you once again at "Momma Ant's" place.
Your family is a blessings. We are happy your getting settled and the house looks great & your family and thankful you were ablt to have that time with your parents!
Merry Christmas to you & yours!
Wanted others to meet you so...
I added you to my blog side-bar now so I can keep up better!

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